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What a day for an ‘Outsider Tart’ Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

5 Jun

Southbank Real Food Market

The Southbank real food market, takes place on Fridays and Saturdays 11-8pm and Sundays 12-6pm just at the back of the Royal Festival Hall along the Thames. Not a stall I had come across before (it’s been a long time since I’ve visited the market, mind) was ‘Outsider Tart’ – two American outsiders, both confusingly called David (David Muniz and David Lesniak) set up the company to make up for the wholesome food deficit we suffer from in England.

Red velvet cakes are a fabulously calorific American import, and have become increasingly popular with experimental foodies here in England. Annabelle who works for  Outsider Tart said;  “We’ve been doing red velvet for years and years.”  Adding, ” We make a variety of products though, blondie’s, brownies, big layer cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes – you name it we’ve got it.” (They even make doggie treats!)

Outsider Tart Southbank stall

I got my hands on a red velvet whoopie pie, which Annabelle admits to being one of her favourites, along with the monster cookie “I love the monster cookie because it’s just stuffed with peanut butter, and even Smarties.” Whoopie pies are rumoured to originate from the southern states where left-over cake batter was used to make ‘hockey-puck’ sized cakes. They’re sold at gas stations and diners (just like in those good ‘ole moving picture films.)

Whipped my red velvet whoopie out at Waterloo

If you want to be the most popular person in the world, make sure you pick up the duo’s new ‘Baked in America’ book. Annabelle explains; “The book’s coming out on August the 4th so what you’re holding there [points to flyer for breakfast puffs] is one of the recipe’s for it – we’ve been doing photo shoots for it so we’re really excited.”

Red Velvet Whoopie pie by Outsider Tart - glass of milk recommended

If you’re ever in the West end of London and you’re in the mood for a little indulgence, let’s face it who isn’t! Head on over to Outsider Tart, of Chiswick and pick up a £3 red velvet  whoopie pie on my recommendation, with a cup of milk though – it’s awfully rich. (You can also order online here.)

Whoopie Pies on an old Campbell's Soup crate

Colourful sculpture in the centre of the market

David Lesniak busying himself whilst Annabelle looks pensive - Outsider Tart