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From Blitz to Shoreditch Vintage Festival 2012

13 Aug

It’s no secret that I am one of the most unashamed consumers going, but abreast of that – I do love a good bargain! Hence, thrift shopping is the ideal pass time.

Held at Shoreditch town hall there were tea & cakes to be had, shortly after you’d been primed and preened at the grooming parlour where you could have dated do’s and make-up. The entire hall was absolutely bursting with all types of Brit nostalgia and fashion from high-end to bargain bucket to apparel and up-cycle.

My favourite rummaging spot was the photograph stall. Stacked with pouting models and in everything from Moschino to Mary Quant. I could’ve spent the whole day there, but musky vintage waits for no woman alone.

All-in-all my purchases largely consisted of brooches & jewellery, although there was the odd nautical bowling shirt, 50 mechanical heart-shaped alarm clock, virginal white sun dress, and of course a silk tie for the papa.

Here are some snaps from my day there:

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Ark of Cambridge: New vintage floor snoop around

4 Apr

The perfect soirée ensemble

My lovely pal who currently resides in Cambridge shares my craving for vintage clothing, she took a sniff around the new vintage clothing range at Ark.

For anyone who hasn’t visited or heard of the store before, there are two branches; one on Norfolk street and the other on St Mary’s passage. The latter being the shop with the vintage clothing line.

It’s a charming handmade and antique store full of one-off items, curious furnishings and now a new hand-picked vintage clothing range.

In a previous post about Ark I mentioned that the curtain was to be unveiled on their collection of vintage threads.

Lots of post-war beauties and a few 1980’s teenage wardrobe memories.

This lovely friend of mine had a big old snoop around the Ark store and was utterly charmed by the arrangement (at the top of the spiral staircase) however she was mildly dissapointed at the lack of clothes over all, she said “(S)eeing as they only have the vintage section open on Saturday’s I thought they would have more clothes overall.”

Ah well, another lesson learned; preparation is everything. From what I can see though, a lot of thought has gone in to the layout of the shop floor, so a pat on the back to the store’s creative director.

Ideal for a night cap

SHOES SHOES SHOES! Imelda-style!

Here are a couple of images of what’s on offer:

Ark of Cambridge

23 Feb

Friends are constantly coming back to me with shops, items and websites saying ‘saw this and thought of you’.

A good friend of mine recently sent me a few images of ‘Ark’ vintage and antique store in Cambridge. There are two branches of the shop, St Mary’s passage, and Norfolk street.

Florence from the St. Mary’s store says “we often get a lot of parents of students saying they make a point of stopping in when they visit their children.”

Their vintage and antiques are sourced locally and from all over the country – “sometimes customers come to us with items or we go off in search of them.”

There’s a mixture of modern and heritage vintage and antiques throughout both stores. The Norfolk street shop tends to have more furniture items (which are popular with the locals.)

This Saturday (26th February) see’s the launch of the St Mary’s stores’ vintage fashions collection ranging from ‘handmade pieces dating back to the 30’s, to 80’s prom dresses.’

The Vintage clothing collection will be available exclusively on Saturdays.