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Saturday 16th April: ‘Craft & Crown’ Covent Garden

13 Apr

Unlike all the cynics and bore’s I am genuinely excited about the Kate and Will wedding. Not for the reasons you might expect though…

One major source of joy is my anticipation of the Alexander McQueen designed wedding dress, I going slightly green with envy at the prospect of this. Although, good on you Kate for pulling those royal strings in early!

But getting more to the point of the post, I wanted to share with any crafty Londoners the wonder that will be ‘Craft and Crown’ a fabulous all day festival that showcases the cream of the British craft traditionalist crop.

The event features a new craft love interest of mine ‘Mr X-stitch’, as you can tell my main aim in life has become to convince men who don’t believe they are craft buggers otherwise.

The team will also be showcasing how to make bunting properly (not in the hap-hazard, blood stained fashion in which I operate.) Headed up by Perri Lewis, a craft critic.

The tagline is ‘an indoor street party with a difference’, hopefully I shall be attending this Saturday – and I shall report back if the fayre is trully as fabulous as it is claiming to be (I’m sure it will!)

In other news, how upset was I that I didn’t get to attend the Pick-me-up graphic design festival at Somerset House this year (2011) VERY! However I do have my memories of last years shennanigans (the 2010 post-cards looked much better) and the excitement of attending the East London Design show later this year! (December.)


Lace Sewing Jar

14 Mar

I’m useless when it comes to finding things that I need when I need them. So I put all my craft materials in to a craft box – however little knick-knacks that I need for sewing often get lost, solution – Sewing Jar!

I got the idea from some jam jar sewing kits from ‘Not on the High Street‘ dot com. However my version is a little more rough and ready, and comes with sultry lace!

Inspiration: NotHS.com, texture, foot pouffe’s, pickle jar’s, on-display, kitsch, homemade, Marie Nichols Lace jars, pin cushion ring from &made, 1960’s fabrics, mix-and-match and Abakhan’s fabric scrap bin.

Project: I washed out my sweet pickle jar from Sainsbury’s cut a length of black sultry lace to fit around the jar, I sewed the ends to make a cuff and slid it around the body of the jar. The pin cushion was relatively easy, I placed some scrunched up material to create the volume inside and folded sections of the 60’s candy stripe fabric over each other to create a perfectly circular arangement of pleats. Sewing in to place I attached a cutsie cuttion and pulled lines of thread tighly to create a puffy flower shape.
I attached the cushion to a circle of felt with thread, and glued the felt in place to the lid of the jar (a little P.V.A should suffice.)

TOP TIP: Try and arrange it so that all colours and fabrics used compliment each other, either go all muted and natural or garish and kitsch – mixing the two could be vomit inducing.

Birthday Boy Victorian bunting

9 Mar

I felt the need to inject some masculinity in to my next bunting project, and the boyfriend’s birthday was the perfect excuse. I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’ve been successful or not.

Inspiration: Birthdays, Graphic design, sans serif font, victorian earthy natural tones, masculinity, laser cut effect, Caps Lock, shamrock’s, Irish pride and layering.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Project: I took thick sheets of brown wrapping paper (Sainbury’s stock this) and two equal lengths of cotton string. I cut out even sized rectangles (one for each character) and left a little space at the top of each letter to allow a flap to glue over the string.

I left all holes in each character untouched (it looked more edgy, and required less effort.) I created hooks at the top bars of the letter T’s, it reminded me of regal lettering or even a drawbridge.

To create the enclosing shamrocks I folded the brown paper twice and cut out a generous crescent shape and attached it to the bunting with a curved line of brown paper.

TOPTIP: Influence this bunting with material and shapes that inspire you, whatever the bunting is in celebration of, try to include shapes that reflect this; i.e. Love hearts, St. Patrick’s Day clovers, stars, an open book silhouette, martini glass/pint glass silhouette. Get creative!

The Night Sky Bunting

20 Jan

Clouded Bunting

Okay, the story behind this one is – I had 15 minutes to add a handmade present to my good friends hamper, bunting seemed the most obvious choice. This wonderful friend has an immense imagination – and once dressed up as a cloud to a fancy dress party (hence the starry night theme.)

Inspiration:The stars shine all day too’ Rob Ryan print (I bought a mug with this design from Pick me up design show last year), Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Don Mclean – Starry Starry Night, Cloud costumes & honey gold twine and deep fearless Indigo.

Project:Along a crease in my thin cotton starry fabric I cut out several bunting triangles, hanging these triangles over a length of twine I stitched along the upper hem line to create a draw string bag style hem. (I had all-in-all 15 minutes so I used a simple running stitch) I planted some fabric stickers on alternate triangles, folded it neatly and placed it in an opaque polythene bag. Sorted!

Megan showcases the bunting

TOPTIP:With bunting, you need to think about the string just as much as the fabric or material of the bunting, ensure there are no overt clashes. When cutting out the triangles it’s best to use a card template on each one, and also use odd numbers of triangles (or whichever shape) as you will get a defined semi-circular dip!

Starry starry night

Crescent and correct

Packaged for Shannon