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People watching, summer in Shoreditch

26 Mar

London’s my favourite city in the world, this comes with no bias because I live here, it genuinely is. There’s a rumble and a roar about London when summer hits. You can hear the audible stampede of workers darting out the door to spend the maximum amount of time outside. Pretending just for the length of time it takes to guzzle a pint that life is carefree.

Summer in London’s also the best time to people watch, but if you don’t have the art down, you risk going from the peeper to the peep-ee. Lucky for me I was able to pap from my balcony on a ‘light jacket weather’ kind of day in Shoreditch 2015. Here are some of the more interesting scenes and people I captured…

Where’s your favourite people watching spot?


Seriously Bitchin’ Kodak Retinette – Plus Learn to Speak 50’s

7 Sep

Ok, so I have recently stumbled across quite a 1950’s gem…it’s only a stunning 35mm Kodak ‘Retinette’ wind-up camera.

What I like most about it however, was the price £5 leather bound case and all from a charity shop in Romford.

The 35mm ‘Retinette’ was a camera range made by Kodak AG in the late 40’s early 50’s in Germany, a more ‘cost effective’ version of the ‘Retina‘.

This particular version allows for a flash sync to be used when screwed in to the top, another unusual feature is the wind-up lever that is on the bottom.

It is very rare to find a winder at the bottom end of a camera, those dreaming up the shape and functionality must have been careful to craft a piece of machinery that was  a dream for the owner to use.

The slightly worn targeted view finder on this sweet 50’s Kodak Retinette transports you back to a hazy time, full of mid length skirts and brylcream.

It forces me to stop and wonder what sights were seen by this trusty handcrafted camera – perhaps cheerful picnics at the beach, days out and about looking at all London has to offer.

Perhaps she has even travelled overseas, breathed in the misty atmosphere of the Rue du Seine of Paris.

That’s the beauty of foraged items such as this, you can create any kind of tangible history you please.

You can so clearly tell the era that gave birth to this unique model of Kodak camera (1950’s) the steel finish and traces of art deco make it a real swell find.

So in honour of  50’s culture and style here are some seriously bitchin’ phrases I thought I’d and bring back.

Exclusive: Ez of Creature Comforts blog & Gifted mag

11 Feb

Holiday e-zine 'Gifted Magazine'

Ez (pronounced Ee-Zee) is the proud owner of Creature Comforts blog, and Gifted Magazine (you’ll find my customised button for it on my widgets) – this blogging mummy and free-spirit has been the source of lots of inspiration for me. Here’s our little interview where she reveals how she got to be so fabulous.

Where did you grow up?
It feels like I grew up almost everywhere. My mom is a nomadic spirit and because of this I moved more than 30 times before I turned 18. A few places I’ve called home are: Hawaii, Montana, California, and currently Oklahoma.

Talk me through your creative background? (Schools, jobs, inspiration.)
I was home-schooled on and off throughout my childhood. This gave me a lot of time to develop interests in subjects that I was passionate about (like art, photography, and crafting). Later on in life, I almost went to college for photography, but won a scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A. and changed my focus to fashion design. I was also a young mom at the time and 1.5 years into my schooling I realized that I needed to focus on parenting, and put my degree on the back burner. I think that I was always destined to be involved in a creative field, so blogging suits me perfectly.

What crafting tools have become your staples?
Well I am a huge fan of my paper punches (especially the starburst punch from Martha Stewart‘s line at Michael’s) and use them all the time. I also have a bit of a love affair with scissors and probably own at least a dozen or more pairs.

Gifted mag has one of the best layouts I’ve seen, who’s behind it? How was it born?
Thank you! The magazine was assembled wholly by me. It really was just a big experiment, and came about when I was trying to think of a new way to present a holiday gift guide for my readers. I have no experience with graphic design, magazine layouts, etc. and I’m sure there are things that could have been improved upon, but in the end I am really proud of how it all came together (I also have to give a shout-out to all the amazing contributors who created projects for Gifted – without them the magazine would have never happened).

In the park with my little brother - the light, the insect it all came together perfectly

What is your biggest passion out of everything that you do?
I guess that I most love taking photographs of the DIY projects I make as well as anything nature-related (especially flowers). If I could just take photos all day long, every day, I would probably pass out from the sheer joy of it all. This year I hope to improve my photography a lot and am finally taking a class to learn how to use my camera properly. I’m so excited!

What do you continue to draw new inspiration from?
This is kind of a cliché answer, but I am truly inspired by everything around me. I try to notice the tiny details that make everyday life extraordinary. There really is no limit to inspiration as long as you continue to look for it!

What is essential to the success of any crafter? (Support, funds, time management?)
Oh gosh! Well I am definitely not the world’s most organized person, and funds are always necessary, but above all else I’d say that the most essential thing is passion! Believe in what you do and success will follow!

What advice would you give small time crafters wanting to network and thrive in this huge industry?
Be friendly. Work tirelessly. Never give up.

Fleur de Sel Caramels - by Ez

What current trends in craft really make your eyes sparkle? (D.I.Y. weddings, paper craft – Rob Ryan/Su Blackwell, craft parties?)
I’m kind of in love with anything involving typography and watercolour these days. I’m also highly inspired by colour, and am currently most obsessed with anything in the coral-red spectrum.

You’re so well accomplished, what do you still hope to achieve?
Oh gosh, that is so kind. I guess I feel like there is so much left to accomplish. On my short list, I hope to continue to improve my photography, I’d really like to write a book or two, and there is a particular (top secret) project that I am hoping I will be able to make a reality someday soon. My list it rather endless really.

Make sure you check out Ez’s stunning holiday e-zine, also just one visit to her blog will have you addicted. Enjoy!

Clean & chic studio space

Student room still life shots

24 Jan

A few Springtime shots around my pokey student room in the lovely house I share with 5 other girlfriends (up in Staffordshire.) In the hopes that a new perspective on my daily environment lifts my January blues.

Whittards Sun ray espresso cup & saucer

Old dried pottery factory paint & fake flowers


Miniature Sicilian font

Life drawing class 1

Tesco Tulips & Hyacinth in full bloom

Conspiracy event Polaroids

Six-pint Emma Bridgewater jug just after dawn

Vintage British potato sack hanging (1966)

Beautiful A-Wear powder blue Peony ring

Not perfect, but neither am I.

Finding Vivian Maier

21 Jan

Vivian Maier Self portrait

Street photographers are certainly having a moment in 2010/11. Even photographers from a by-gone era, Vivian Maier of Chicago (1926-2009) is arguabley one of America’s most important street photography talents – despite being undiscovered at the time – however a recent auction discovery of thousands of undeveloped film rolls, prints and negatives has opened a new door on this perceptive and awe-inspiring artist.



Beach spectator



Swim suit

There is currently a campaign headed by John Maloof & Anthony Rydzon, and award winning film/documentary maker Lars Mortensen (Doomsday called off, 2004) to spread knowledge of Maier’s humourous yet startling take on the world, and the people that comprise it.

Watch this short clip of their venture to uncover thousands of her photographs left untouched, and undiscovered for years:

Exclusive: Interiors & craft guru Marie Nichols

9 Dec

Marie Nichols - Interior extraordinaire

Ecclectic and heritage Brit interior stylist Marie Nichols uprooted to Austrailia to share her talents with Sydney – however now she’s back in the UK and we have her own line (‘The Shop at Number 57‘) of homewares and vintage treasures to look forward to.

Where did you grow up in England?
In a small village in Kent – (South East)

Describe your signature (decorating) style in 3 words.

Arrghh! I find it so hard to say what my style is – I think other peole (i.e. friends and family) can actually pinpoint my style better!  But I love colour, It’s pretty eccelectic because I love mixing old and new pieces and it’s far from minimal – I like “stuff”!

How do you plan out your design palette for each client?
I create moodboards for every shoot that I do. It helps clarify a look and feel of a room both for myself and for the client (in my case the client is generally a magazine editor rather than a homeowner.)

What are the main trends or influences that people ask for – or are excited by?
Because I tend to work for magazines rather than private clients the design briefs I’m given are normally either an upcoming trend, or how to resolve a problem so it’s a little different than designing for someones home. The trends that I work on tend to be lead by the sneaky press previews we get each season. So we may suddenly start to notice lots of stores and design houses producing designs/products in slate grey and we know that that will be a big trend so pull together a featured based on that.

What cemented your passion for the earthy, vintage, heritage style you have?
I’ve always loved “old stuff” and I like to be resourceful. We live in such a “throw away society” these days that I like to take a little of the resourcefulness that my grandparents showed and mix old with new. To me older pieces have more character and the older and more battered the better!

Any fabulous tips for arts and crafts?
Everyone is creative – don’t tell yourself you’re not. Keep reference of everything that inspires you, little projects you like,  and make time to sit down and have a go.

Three things you can never be without day-to-day.
My Laptop; my styling kit and my fella!

Do you have any festive craft ideas?
I have heaps! I’m going to be doing some on my blog over the next few weeks. But my biggest festive craft tip is never underestimate a piece of white paper. From simple white paperchains to snowflakes and cutout garlands, Five minutes with white paper and a pair of  scissors  and you can give anything a festive touch.

You can keep up-to-date with Marie’s musings and design triumph’s via her blog, or her website. (I urge you to take a peek at her portfolio on her site, there are some stunning images that would rattle up creativity in anyone.)

Magazine filing solution

Peonies - my favourite!

Vintage dream