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‘So cliché it works’ bunting

13 Jan

Catkin wall-hanging in the background

Inspiration:Totally and unashamedly inspired by ‘RaggedHome‘ of Etsy – I set about tracking down some hessian potato sacks on old faithful (Ebay.) There were some gorgeous plain sacks, and also some vintage inspired printed one’s (I bought one of each and intend to frame the printed version.)

Project:For this project there was no need to stitch or sew, as the hessian sack came with a hem already sewn in. The real ball ache was threading string through it. My initial intention was to thread a brown twine as the bunting line, alas it was too thick so I opted for my trusty ball of string. The bunting triangles I cut out using some decent kitchen scissors and a card template.
Using the left-over felt from our infamous Ashford street personalised stockings – I hurriedly cut out a lower case version of my blogging pseudonym (Bella) and just stuck it on with a little PVA glue and a prayer. I lined the bunting triangles with a mix of my favourite shade of duck egg blue mixed with a little PVA (this was to ensure the ends didn’t fray to much, it looks pretty – and I got to pretend for 10 minutes that I was a cake chef. Et voila! My ‘so cliché it’s kitsch’ ‘Bella’ Bunting.

That darn hem!

TOPTIP:Channel your inner Cath Kidston and get brave with colours, who says vintage burlap brown and candy pink won’t work? To hell with the rule book, make it truly your own and as kitsch as you like.

Proud as punch

Duck egg zig-zag hemming