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7 Smart People Share The Best Advice They Ever Received

27 Dec

As humans we’re always craving for something or someone else to take over the decisional power when things get tough. We’re always seeking ‘signs’ to show us whether we’re about to make the right or wrong decision.

However, what I’ve come to find is that instead of looking outwardly, we should look inwardly at honing our own decision-making abilities. That’s what transforms us in to resilient and wiser beings (as my mum says: “Getting older is mostly making less of the same mistakes and Googling shit”).


Pic: Anna Dziubinska

We all need a little guidance along the path though right? So in the fashion of The Little Pocket Book of Wisdom, I’ve curated bite sized advice from some smart humans I interviewed over the last few months. They’re all still figuring out the answers too, but here’s the input that’s helped them thus far:

1. The PR

“Treat your enemies as teachers, be grateful you have them in your life.” 

This is from one of the ultimate teachers, the Dalai Lama. I read this at the time I needed to hear it. The ‘being grateful’ part has to do with considering the alternative, just imagine how vulnerable and sensitive we would all be if we were never tested. It’s the mantra that’s helped me flip my thought process when confronted with unkind people.

“No one’s going to love you exactly like you imagined.”

Advice from a good friend who’s also a life coach. The message being, love yourself enough so that any other love just adds more candles to the cake you’ve already iced.

“There’s no secret ingredient, it’s just you.”

Perhaps the scariest thought of all, but also freeing once you take charge and realise that when you work hard, you get to where you want to be. I see this quote every week on the wall at my yoga class. It’s actually from the character Po in Kung Fu Panda!

2. The BuzzFeed Writer

“It’s never going to be the perfect time. Just do it and see what happens, you will spend your whole life waiting for the perfect time.”

Not sure exactly who said this, but it’s always stuck with me.

“Not all fingers are equal.”

From my mum. It’s African as fuck, but it basically means don’t compare yourself to others, like people are not equal, so don’t spend your time checking for what other people are doing. Continue reading


Exclusive: Chandra of ‘Oh Lovely Day’ DIY wedding blog

17 Apr

I recently interviewed the lovely owner of ‘Oh lovely day’ blog Chandra Fredrick she’s also one half of ‘Tilde Designs’ (personalised wedding stationers.) The stylish bright-eyed LA resident told me all about what got her in to the booming DIY wedding business and some tips for any #TWIP’s (Twitter Wedding Inspiration Pals) out there.

Photo:Jennifer Roper The lovely Chandra in her wedding gown

How did you stumble in to the wonderful world of DIY weddings?

While planning my own wedding!  I wanted to DIY a lot of my wedding to both personalize it and keep it within my budget.  I fell in love with DIY projects and elements and think that is really the way a bride can make her wedding unique.
What are 3 key elements to making a DIY wedding a success?

Keeping it simple, taking on projects you can actually do yourself, and not to do too many DIY’s, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy!

Photo:Jennifer Roper Chandras innovative drink stirrers for her own wedding

What types of people tend to opt for DIY weddings?

I think all types of brides opt for DIY weddings these days.  Even brides with a big budget want to do a DIY project to personalize their day.  DIY is all the rage!
What is the most obscure wedding theme you have come across?  

I have seen everything I think.  But one of my favorite unique ideas was turning the game “Jenga” into a guestbook. Such a fun idea and a way to always see your guestbook everytime you play!  You can see the post here.

Jenga wedding guest memories

Tell us all about your wedding.

My wedding was an outdoor ceremony in Southern California in Aug. of 2009.  It was a labor of love and contained many DIY projects.  In fact, my maid of honor and I designed all of my paper goods (save-the-dates, signs, invitation suite, menus, ALL of it!) and printed most of it ourselves.  We even started an etsy shop as a result of our collaborations on my wedding (Tilde Designs).  My wedding was everything I hoped it would be and more- sweet and heartfelt, surrounded by our friends and family and the ocean, marrying my best friend, and having a great party!  You can see it featured on Style Me Pretty and The Knot.  And there is more on my blog here.

Photo: Jennifer Roper Chandras dress was the Fern gown by Melissa Sweet (Fascinator - Etsy artists)

What are your colour palette predictions for Summer weddings in 2011?

I think bright colors are making a comeback – especially vibrant pinks, purples, and blues.  
What does the future look like for DIY weddings?

I do not think DIY elements in weddings are going away anytime soon, and to me that is a good thing!  There is nothing better than a sweet and personal wedding.

Please do visit Chandra’s blog, it’s so inspiring (even for those who aren’t even thinking about marriage just yet.)