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St. Patrick Craft: Half-Baked Shamrock Stars and Sparkle Headband

18 Mar

Inspiration: Lush field of green, tradition & trend, S/S 12 Meadham and Kirchhoff ballerina headpiece, Shamrocks, clovers, a glint in the eye, Irish charm and the Irish flag.

Err...waiter I think there's glitter in my whiskey

Err...waiter I think there's glitter in my whiskey


Project: In order to get geared up for St. Paddy’s day I took all the excitement that I felt from trawling through LFW 2012 blogs and channeled it in to crafting an exciting head ornament that I could wear for ‘the friendliest day of the year’.

Basic steps here really; I started with a sheet of lime green felt and cut out three freehand stars gradually decreasing in size. I doused one side of each star in a two-part PVA and one part water mix and dipped them in  mountain of emerald green glitter.

I popped the stars in a fn assisted oven on a low heat for 15 minutes then left to dry. I took an old black elastic head band and splodged the three stars in with my trusty UHU glue gun. Leav to dry for another 10 minutes and you’re down to disco, Irish style!