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Three tips for surviving Christmas with your family

4 Jan

To be quite clear, this post does not come from a place of resentment but love. Anyone who knows me knows exactly how much I adore my family and friends. However, never more than at Christmas is the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ so pertinent. Whether it be hitting the cheese board a little too hard or spending an extended amount of time with your nearest and not so dearest.

Follow these three simple guidelines and all will be well…

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1. The simple games are the best

When you open up a new board game and have a whole new set of rules to get accustomed to, it splits the family unit down the middle, and you find out very quickly which half each person falls in to. It separates those who are board game rule Nazi’s from those who couldn’t give two @$$*’s and just want to get on with the G%$ D*$% game.

Our favourite game to play at family gatherings is a variation of charades. All family members note down around 10-15 names of celebrities or well-known people on scraps of paper throw them in to a big bowl, pick small teams and commence ‘three round charades’. Teams get one minute each time and the bowl must be empty for you to move on to the next round. The most correct answers at the end of all three rounds wins the game.

Round one: You must describe the individual

Round two: You must silently act out the individual

Round three: You may just use one word to describe the individual

Super simple and loads of fun when everyone’s fuelled by a tonne of libations. I’m not going to promise that things won’t get ‘lively’ and someone won’t accidentally throw something or call their boyfriend an idiot (this has never happened) but it’s great fun.

2. You can NEVER have too much food and drink

Besides the fact that Christmas somehow turns off our natural ability to say no, to ANYTHING, regardless of matter how much you love your family and friends, when celebrating the festive season in the UK the inevitability of atrocious weather means that you’ll be confined to one room for an extended amount of time.
If it helps, visualise it as some kind of solitary confinement sentence or an awful disaster where you’re trapped in a lift with tinsel and flashing lights. Now wouldn’t you find it much more bearable plied with lashings of cheese* [*replace with your festive culinary vice] and alcohol? No! So stock up!

3. Foolishness must be unanimous

By foolishness, I’m talking ugly festive headwear (inclusive of headbands, deely boppers, santa hats and paper crowns) offensive jumpers and flashing earrings that at any other time of year would be considered an eyesore.

Make it known to any friends you invite along that your family enjoy, encourage and demand that all attendees must be willing to ‘ugly up’. Start as you mean to go on and set the tone for foolish behaviour, jokes and music.

You’re welcome! Please remember these three key things next time Christmas is fast approaching in order to enjoy quality time with your loved ones to the maximum.

Got any family rituals or essential components that make the festive season all the more bearable for you? Add your own contribution to the comment box below and help others in a time of need…


What makes Christmas extra special?

16 Dec

First Norwegian x-mas tree - Trafagar Sq.

Beth: “Christmas lights and getting the dogs annual Christmas Santa collar. And snow, lots of snow!”

Alyssa: “Probably remembering my mums style, always have your decorations coordinated. And they have to be silver.”

Michael: “Knowing that you are going to be surrounded by all your family and just that warm feeling you have. Last year I got a pair of helicopters that fight, this year I’m hoping for a cheap little R/C car (then set up some sweet jumps for it like I did when I was 6.)”

Fin: “Die Hard! And the MASSIVE Christmas dinner that lasts most of the day, then the subsequent feeling of being ridiculously full with drink and food and unable to move.”

Knobbly knees & thick socks


Tamika: “I am the Grinch up until I’m wrapping presents. I buy different wrapping paper and bows depending on who I’m giving to; my Aunt loves minimalistic plain brown packages and hand written cards whereas my mum would love a bit more ‘in yer face-ness’ with bows, colours and ribbons.”

Laura:A warm home, quality food, cuddles from loved ones (expensive presents, lots of money).”

Patrick: “Its all about spending time with friends and family, enjoying random nights out and for us up north some kind of visit to the German market in Manchester! Christmas becomes a bit weird when you get older the actual day doesn’t have as much excitement, its more the build up to it and you look forward to the laughs you may have.”


Dig in chaps

Kieran: “Wearing your best wintery outfits that showcase your festive style. Buying presents for family members brings a smile to everyone’s face – especially if you get the gift on point. The decorations, trees, family time and all round goodwill add to the magic of the holiday season.”

Seyi: “Family first! Nothing for me compares to just being in the company of your family over Christmas. Mix this with some good homemade food (traditional Caribbean as well as other Christmassy dishes) & drink with some dvd’s and I’m sorted.”

Amy: “The Christmas tree, my little sisters and going to church to see the nativity on Christmas eve!”

Megan: “Cute Christmas knitwear is a must! I’m also a fan of chunky socks too. Love getting a glass of champagne on and just sitting and chatting with the family. Also, The Pogues – Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas song ever!”

Martin: “Easily the Christmas music and films, and the cold crisp feeling on Christmas morning! Oh and how close the family is throughout the day!”

Hanging the Christmas puds out to mature


Alex: Drinks on Christmas eve, Jingle All The Way, cranberry sauce, Die Hard, stuffing, living room covered in wrapping paper, Christmas cake and cheese, TV Christmas specials, Kirsty Mccoll and The Pogues, giving presents, The Great Escape, getting presents, Home Alone, snow, gifts from friends, time with family, turkey and pigs in blankets.”

Merry Christmas everyone: