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Sweethearts and petals

23 Jan

Charity shop flower press

Before Christmas 2010, using my beloved charity shop flower press I took some petals from a bunch of burnt orange roses the boyfriend had bought me.
I actually forgot about them until I unwound the compressed flora the other week. I was delighted with how they turned out but had nowhere to put them. The frame is actually a left-over from a load of frames I bought from a British Red Cross charity shop in Stoke town.

I tried a variety of backgrounds with the petals and picture – pink and white candy stripe, coloured tissue – but the blank white seemed the most effective. Showcasing the central images and petals scattered in front and behind the image.

One of the most simple craft pieces in my room, but one of the most effective – plus it has a sentimental elegance.

Petals suspended and scattered

Hearts shaped petal

Sweeheart frame & pressed petals