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The Night Sky Bunting

20 Jan

Clouded Bunting

Okay, the story behind this one is – I had 15 minutes to add a handmade present to my good friends hamper, bunting seemed the most obvious choice. This wonderful friend has an immense imagination – and once dressed up as a cloud to a fancy dress party (hence the starry night theme.)

Inspiration:The stars shine all day too’ Rob Ryan print (I bought a mug with this design from Pick me up design show last year), Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Don Mclean – Starry Starry Night, Cloud costumes & honey gold twine and deep fearless Indigo.

Project:Along a crease in my thin cotton starry fabric I cut out several bunting triangles, hanging these triangles over a length of twine I stitched along the upper hem line to create a draw string bag style hem. (I had all-in-all 15 minutes so I used a simple running stitch) I planted some fabric stickers on alternate triangles, folded it neatly and placed it in an opaque polythene bag. Sorted!

Megan showcases the bunting

TOPTIP:With bunting, you need to think about the string just as much as the fabric or material of the bunting, ensure there are no overt clashes. When cutting out the triangles it’s best to use a card template on each one, and also use odd numbers of triangles (or whichever shape) as you will get a defined semi-circular dip!

Starry starry night

Crescent and correct

Packaged for Shannon