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Christmas Snowflake Gift Wrap Bomb

6 Jan

Inspired by Etsy blog‘s Christmas wine bottle glitter bombs I felt compelled to craft my own presents in their own unique way.

Inspiration: Snowfall, crystallisation, textile patterns, contrast, bold hues, simplicity, random arrangement, odd numbers, Christmas and empty branches.

Project: I began by wrapping my new Christmas purchase in eccentric fuchsia tissue paper. I followed this with a scattering of plastic snowflake sequins on to some cling film laid out flat. I then tightly tucked my wrapped recipe book in to the film, pulling as firm as possible at the end of the plastic wrap.

I finished off with a little tape, and ensured the sequins had been shook in to a perfectly random pattern, et voila – fit for any good boy or girl with eyes like a magpies‘.

TOPTIP: Be sure to use a flat surface, this project is no good if placed upon a lap, or the back of a snoozing relative – you’ll simply end up with sequins everywhere, and loose gathered cling film. Use paper and decorations that present a stark difference, and try to stick to a colour scheme that’s easy on the eye. You could also perhaps use the same idea for birthday or easter gifts, just use your imagination; glitter, sequin stars, diamonte’s, handsome pencil shavings.

Snowflake sequins

Here are some other snaps I gathered when Christmas spirit was brimming from wall to wall:



Saturday 16th April: ‘Craft & Crown’ Covent Garden

13 Apr

Unlike all the cynics and bore’s I am genuinely excited about the Kate and Will wedding. Not for the reasons you might expect though…

One major source of joy is my anticipation of the Alexander McQueen designed wedding dress, I going slightly green with envy at the prospect of this. Although, good on you Kate for pulling those royal strings in early!

But getting more to the point of the post, I wanted to share with any crafty Londoners the wonder that will be ‘Craft and Crown’ a fabulous all day festival that showcases the cream of the British craft traditionalist crop.

The event features a new craft love interest of mine ‘Mr X-stitch’, as you can tell my main aim in life has become to convince men who don’t believe they are craft buggers otherwise.

The team will also be showcasing how to make bunting properly (not in the hap-hazard, blood stained fashion in which I operate.) Headed up by Perri Lewis, a craft critic.

The tagline is ‘an indoor street party with a difference’, hopefully I shall be attending this Saturday – and I shall report back if the fayre is trully as fabulous as it is claiming to be (I’m sure it will!)

In other news, how upset was I that I didn’t get to attend the Pick-me-up graphic design festival at Somerset House this year (2011) VERY! However I do have my memories of last years shennanigans (the 2010 post-cards looked much better) and the excitement of attending the East London Design show later this year! (December.)

Let’s do it in public (Knitting)

1 Apr

I remember when I was a lot younger my Nan (or Nanny Greenpeace as she’s fondly known) taught my cousin’s and I to knit, and I wasn’t half bad!

Somewhere along the way the knowledge fell out of my head, and I made room for other things like; food, Vogue magazine and boys. However, thanks to a little inspiration from the boyfriend’s mum at the craft party I recently held (she kindly lent her knitting expertise) and of course the wonder that is Youtube, particularly the ‘Threadbanger‘ channel I have regained confidence with needles and yarn.

I even went as far as to bring my knitting on the train and ‘did it in public’. I would advise everyone to try this, you get a few weird looks but it’s such a rewarding pass-time. I was literally in Stoke one moment and at London Euston station the next.

I’ve chosen to use a cheerful custard yellow springy Merino wool as my weapon of choice, I might mix it up with a mossy green colour soon. That is certainly my top tip though, invest in some good quality yarn, you’ll thank me later when you’re not scratching off a layer of neck skin due to being a skin flint. Happy knitting!

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Le petit Bateau garland

18 Feb

At first I had a burning passion to create a headband, similar to a origami boat headband I had seen at graduate fashion week in 2010. However, it rains more often than I’ve had hot dinners in Staffordshire – I decided against it and opted for a sweet unassuming garland.

Inspiration:Le petit bateau shop, Pirates & tales of the sea, simple origami craft, classroom boredom, material & texture and passion for bunting.

Project:I followed an adorable tutorial on Metcafe to remind me of how to construct a boat out of paper. I then transferred this new origami passion to other materials, glossy magazine paper, felt, brown wrapping paper and songsheets. I then pulled through some sewing thread at the bow and the stern.

TOPTIP:Odd numbers always allow a perfect dip in bunting or garlands. Go for obscure fabrics, starched dress fabric, present wrapping paper or even post-it notes.

Power-cut clay creations

16 Feb

Air-dry clay

A horrid power cut stretching the entire length of our street of terraced houses hit our student digs a few days ago. It led to power-cut pictionary, candlelit guitar serenading, making clay models and good all round banter.

Here’s what I managed to produce with very low lighting, air-dry clay, water and a needle.

Autumn leaves

I scored the surfaces of the leaves with a large embroidery needle.

Leaves after being completely air-dried

Faux leather strap attached

Back to basics: Stencils

10 Feb

Whilst back in London for a few days I visted my local arts & craft shop ‘Owen Clark‘ which has been there since the dawn of time (1928 to be exact). It has down-sized a little but still has the same character, and I assume still offers 10%/20% off to high school art students.
I picked up some cheap American stencil books (by Dover Publications) for £1.50 each, one was a butterfly stencil book and the other was for ABC’s.

This was just a little playing around, I will attempt to create a more revised piece:

MAKE IT HAPPEN - words to live by


Zesty Union Jack cushion

2 Feb

Had an hour to spare, fancied another cushion to clutter up my bed (I currently have nine… On a single bed) Fun little project. I can’t stress the importance of pinning though – I started out with way too much faith in my free-hand stitching and ended up unpicking half a piece of felt.
On a wider note, Union Jack print, unlike 2010 may start to phase out a little in 2011, however there are a few retailers and such flying the flag, Emma Bridgewater (Pottery), high street (TOPSHOP, R.ISLAND) and interior designers (Jan Constantine.)

Inspiration:Heritage influenced design, eco-friendly colour-scheme, re-use/recycle/reinvent, canvas material & flash colours.

Project:Trim out a rectangle pillow template in canvas material, secure on the felt with your own trail of stitch styles, I mixed cross and running stitches. If I had spent for time on the cushion, I would have hemmed the felt on to the canvas – but it won’t see much ware-and-tare so I merely secured it on. I layered the felt strips on over the other – with this project I used a darning thread and a large Bodkin needle.

I secured the three loose edges of the cushion with a simple hemming stitch with exactly the same cherry red darning thread.

TOPTIP:Ensure to pin the felt strips in place just pull each one out as you go. If using a large needle, use a thimble (it may slow things down, but it’s worth it.) I’ve become used to stabbing through my fingers so I tend not to use one, but I would advise begginers to employ the use of a decent metal thimble.