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Pinterest post inspired business newspaper nails

15 Jun

I saw these handsome looking nails a while ago on image and idea sharing site; ‘Pinterest‘. 

The process is very simple, and consists of a solid base coat of nail varnish – preferably a nude or similarly timid colour. This is in order for the newsprint to reach its full impact. I used a middle eastern paper that my dad had bought back from Dubai only a few weeks ago.

To ensure the newsprint imprints on to your nail beds you should cut out small squares or circles (depending on your nail shape) of paper and place them on your alcohol soaked nails, I used a tenacious Jamaican rum called ‘Wray & Nephew‘, or if you have vodka that should suffice. Leave the small scrap of newsprint on your nail bed until it has completely dried up. Peel off the paper and apply a top coat of clear nail varnish to secure the deal.

In my personal experience, it’s a really fiddly procedure and if you have  little or no patience then this is probably not the project for you.

An alternative to this, is to soak in the summer festival vibes and create a ‘groovy’ swirl design on your nails. You can watch a tutorial of this amazing nail trend here.


Top 5 Tuesday: Favourite Bella Bunting Blog photo’s

8 Mar

It has been so hard to choose just 5 images that are my favourite across the whole blog feed, but here they are:

Pretty much one of the first images I took, on one of my first posts. My favourite craft piece (and the only project I ever did well) plus it’s the last thing I see at night.

I’d love to know the story behind these clay feet. This is an image taken on my Blackberry at the abandoned J.H.Weatherby & Sons factory that I visited.

I love the focus and vibrancy of this photo, it was such a happy day and ‘Yumchaa’ is hands down the best tea spot in Camden.


I like the nonchalance of this shot, it was a nice viewpoint that I snapped on my way to get some Portuguese custard tarts from Brick Lane. I love the blurred woman approaching and the disguarded furniture.

It was hard to choose between the shot of the bay at Castellammare and this one of my dad, but it had to be this cheeky little grin from daddy dearest. I do so miss the chats I have with him, and how everything seems possible when he’s around. Love you daddy!

[Okay so I couldn’t choose 5 but here are just a few more that I love.]

This was one of the first posts that I did on Manchester vintage. A seriously great day out, I played around with the hue’s here for a warmer feel. Plus I love Julie’s anchor tattoo, and Sara’s hair that looks like copper wire in the sunlight.

My dear friend helped with a creative hair twist photoshoot, my favourite pieces about this picture are all the textures, her honey coloured hair, the uplifiting zing of the heather and the little snowflake heart hanging in the window, very ethereal.


Attach the string to labels

…Finally we have an image not far from Christmas morning, I was making present labels for all my gifts to the family and the light from the front bay window gave a perfect setting in which to take pictures in. Plus I love these tartan pyjama trousers I stole off the boyfriend.