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From Blitz to Shoreditch Vintage Festival 2012

13 Aug

It’s no secret that I am one of the most unashamed consumers going, but abreast of that – I do love a good bargain! Hence, thrift shopping is the ideal pass time.

Held at Shoreditch town hall there were tea & cakes to be had, shortly after you’d been primed and preened at the grooming parlour where you could have dated do’s and make-up. The entire hall was absolutely bursting with all types of Brit nostalgia and fashion from high-end to bargain bucket to apparel and up-cycle.

My favourite rummaging spot was the photograph stall. Stacked with pouting models and in everything from Moschino to Mary Quant. I could’ve spent the whole day there, but musky vintage waits for no woman alone.

All-in-all my purchases largely consisted of brooches & jewellery, although there was the odd nautical bowling shirt, 50 mechanical heart-shaped alarm clock, virginal white sun dress, and of course a silk tie for the papa.

Here are some snaps from my day there:

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St. Patrick Craft: Half-Baked Shamrock Stars and Sparkle Headband

18 Mar

Inspiration: Lush field of green, tradition & trend, S/S 12 Meadham and Kirchhoff ballerina headpiece, Shamrocks, clovers, a glint in the eye, Irish charm and the Irish flag.

Err...waiter I think there's glitter in my whiskey

Err...waiter I think there's glitter in my whiskey


Project: In order to get geared up for St. Paddy’s day I took all the excitement that I felt from trawling through LFW 2012 blogs and channeled it in to crafting an exciting head ornament that I could wear for ‘the friendliest day of the year’.

Basic steps here really; I started with a sheet of lime green felt and cut out three freehand stars gradually decreasing in size. I doused one side of each star in a two-part PVA and one part water mix and dipped them in  mountain of emerald green glitter.

I popped the stars in a fn assisted oven on a low heat for 15 minutes then left to dry. I took an old black elastic head band and splodged the three stars in with my trusty UHU glue gun. Leav to dry for another 10 minutes and you’re down to disco, Irish style!

The eighties are back: In Ark Music Factory Teen pop stars

23 Apr

Debbie Gibson circa 1987 - Youtube screen shot

After the March 2011 release of ‘Friday‘ by Jessica Black, 13 (of  Ark Music Factory label) reached 1,000,000 views it seems Justin Bieber,17, has opened the flood gates for the cheesy pop sensations to enter the music arena in their droves…and I like it!

All this sexing up of teens and young people today is such a shame, the fact that you can buy bikini’s for your babies and Bratz dolls that look like they would probably walk the streets if they were real people is a little scary. What happened to plain old Polly Pocket, or Sylvanian families?

With these singles that have been released (primarily on Youtube) the message within is cute and harmless – it’s either ‘I have a crush on you’ or ‘I want to go to a party’ and ‘let’s take [this relationship] easy.’ Just like Abby Victor’s ‘Crush on you’  (also an Ark Music Factory kid at 13) – a simple song and melody about teenage angst. So a big thumbs up to the American little-uns promoting innocence and having fun while you’re young.

Abby Victor circa now - 80's-esque single cover

One artist taking things in to the 21st century however is 10-year-old fashionista/dancer/artist Willow Smith, who stormed the charts with ‘whip my hair’ back in October 2010. It’s a smart record that even has my friends and I (20-years+) turning it up full-volume in the car.

Smart role-model Willow Smith

It’s great that so many young people are given the platform to show other youngsters that life at that age is all about being good, having fun, developing crushes and most of all being yourself. If young people don’t have these stars to look to, they’ll take inspiration from artists such as Rhianna, Tinie Tempah and Katy Perry – who are certainly not targetted at their age range. So shine on kid stars!

P.s. Expect to see some 80’s inspired colour popping headbands on BellaBunting soon!

Debbie Gibson - Breakfast club flashbacks

Exclusive: Chandra of ‘Oh Lovely Day’ DIY wedding blog

17 Apr

I recently interviewed the lovely owner of ‘Oh lovely day’ blog Chandra Fredrick she’s also one half of ‘Tilde Designs’ (personalised wedding stationers.) The stylish bright-eyed LA resident told me all about what got her in to the booming DIY wedding business and some tips for any #TWIP’s (Twitter Wedding Inspiration Pals) out there.

Photo:Jennifer Roper The lovely Chandra in her wedding gown

How did you stumble in to the wonderful world of DIY weddings?

While planning my own wedding!  I wanted to DIY a lot of my wedding to both personalize it and keep it within my budget.  I fell in love with DIY projects and elements and think that is really the way a bride can make her wedding unique.
What are 3 key elements to making a DIY wedding a success?

Keeping it simple, taking on projects you can actually do yourself, and not to do too many DIY’s, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy!

Photo:Jennifer Roper Chandras innovative drink stirrers for her own wedding

What types of people tend to opt for DIY weddings?

I think all types of brides opt for DIY weddings these days.  Even brides with a big budget want to do a DIY project to personalize their day.  DIY is all the rage!
What is the most obscure wedding theme you have come across?  

I have seen everything I think.  But one of my favorite unique ideas was turning the game “Jenga” into a guestbook. Such a fun idea and a way to always see your guestbook everytime you play!  You can see the post here.

Jenga wedding guest memories

Tell us all about your wedding.

My wedding was an outdoor ceremony in Southern California in Aug. of 2009.  It was a labor of love and contained many DIY projects.  In fact, my maid of honor and I designed all of my paper goods (save-the-dates, signs, invitation suite, menus, ALL of it!) and printed most of it ourselves.  We even started an etsy shop as a result of our collaborations on my wedding (Tilde Designs).  My wedding was everything I hoped it would be and more- sweet and heartfelt, surrounded by our friends and family and the ocean, marrying my best friend, and having a great party!  You can see it featured on Style Me Pretty and The Knot.  And there is more on my blog here.

Photo: Jennifer Roper Chandras dress was the Fern gown by Melissa Sweet (Fascinator - Etsy artists)

What are your colour palette predictions for Summer weddings in 2011?

I think bright colors are making a comeback – especially vibrant pinks, purples, and blues.  
What does the future look like for DIY weddings?

I do not think DIY elements in weddings are going away anytime soon, and to me that is a good thing!  There is nothing better than a sweet and personal wedding.

Please do visit Chandra’s blog, it’s so inspiring (even for those who aren’t even thinking about marriage just yet.)

Ark of Cambridge: New vintage floor snoop around

4 Apr

The perfect soirée ensemble

My lovely pal who currently resides in Cambridge shares my craving for vintage clothing, she took a sniff around the new vintage clothing range at Ark.

For anyone who hasn’t visited or heard of the store before, there are two branches; one on Norfolk street and the other on St Mary’s passage. The latter being the shop with the vintage clothing line.

It’s a charming handmade and antique store full of one-off items, curious furnishings and now a new hand-picked vintage clothing range.

In a previous post about Ark I mentioned that the curtain was to be unveiled on their collection of vintage threads.

Lots of post-war beauties and a few 1980’s teenage wardrobe memories.

This lovely friend of mine had a big old snoop around the Ark store and was utterly charmed by the arrangement (at the top of the spiral staircase) however she was mildly dissapointed at the lack of clothes over all, she said “(S)eeing as they only have the vintage section open on Saturday’s I thought they would have more clothes overall.”

Ah well, another lesson learned; preparation is everything. From what I can see though, a lot of thought has gone in to the layout of the shop floor, so a pat on the back to the store’s creative director.

Ideal for a night cap

SHOES SHOES SHOES! Imelda-style!

Here are a couple of images of what’s on offer:

Spoilt for choice: CRAFT & VINTAGE FAIRS

11 Mar

Just been bombarded with a few fairs happening this weekend through word of mouth, thought I’d do my good deed for the day and pass along the information:

1) CLOSE-KNIT COMMUNITY BASED & AFFORDABLE: Mad March special @Stockport Victorian Town Hall, Stockport, Sunday 13th March, 10am-4.30pm. [Second Sunday of every month.]

Pic: Alan Lowe

2) CRAFTY HANDMADE STUFF: Angel’s craft & vintage fair, @All Saints Church, Chester, Cheshire, Saturday 12th March, 11am-4pm.

Fair Angels

3) MASSIVE VARIETY OF VINTAGE: Sutton vintage & arts fair, @Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, Birmingham, Sunday 13th March, 11am-5pm.

Pic:Sutton Vintage

Swingin’ sixties goddess on ‘Revolver’ flyer

4 Mar

Picked up this flyer for ‘Revolver’ club night a while ago from a vintage boutique in Manchester. Those who are regulars at Affleck’s and Oldham street will be familiar with Pop Boutique.

The store is a little like an iceberg in the sense that there’s little fuss on top – and goes all out below the surface. The second floor plays host to a 60’s/70’s living room set design, with furniture and props to match.

The flyer caught my eye with it’s cannon arrangement of tiled shots on the reverse, and I love nothing better than flashes of bold colour. Her skin tone is all about the 60’s Bond girl bronzed goddess vibe, when women started to think tanning was a necessity. Also I recognise her dolly shoes from a recent FROW picture of Alexa Chung.