Life in E2 taught me I’m enough, and to keep icing the cake

10 Aug
The cake being my catalogue of reasons for self-love and the additional icing being love I allow in from others.
Shoreditch has been home for the last 18+ months, London’s hub of culture, art, fashion and food. You can buy errrrythang from fresh fruit and flowers to furniture, pastries and antique collectibles. Sometimes known to others as that filthy Eastend patch full of top-knot adorned dickheads…
For me, my experience of living here gave me three awesome things: 1. Lots of incredible nights I can’t remember, 2. Immunity to bullshit (although this may have been innate), and 3. A rebuilt sense of self-worth at a time when it was a little shaky – otherwise known as ‘early twenty-dom’.

Moving time shoreditch view from my room

Thought patterns I used to have before moving here:
  • What makes me happy?
  • Am I enough?
  • Am I desirable?
  • Is this as good as things are going to get?
  • I’m unhappy in my job
Thought patterns I had after having lived in Shoreditch for some time:
  • I like the way I dress
  • I’ve met and welcomed some incredible strangers in to my life, now my friends
  • I’m fun
  • I’m attractive
  • I have great friends
  • I work damn hard
Some questions I’m still figuring out the answers to:

  • Should I be washing my hair more frequently? It hurts my arms.
  • No, but should I just throw out all my underwear in place of mature all-black garments?
  • Would I be happier if I just burnt all my clothes and recycled three uber cool Scandi-style paired down outfits?
  • What will my life look like in 10 years? (I kind of don’t want to know the answer to this)

I’m reflecting on my time here largely due to the fact that as of this evening I don’t live there anymore (evidence below).

Moving time shoreditch

So was it Shoreditch that jolted my strength of character? Or simply the experience of living with a bunch of randoms? I’d like to think it’s a combination of both. And for anyone else out there who’s going through a period of self-doubt, I’d extend three pieces of advice:

  1. Travel – do this as often as your purse strings allow. It doesn’t even have to be far, it could be to another area of your town or city, or a cheap and cheerful escape. Just broaden your footprint. Nothing beats the experience of being immersed in another culture.
  2. Spend time alone – not like ‘Golum-style’ where you gradually cut everyone out of your life. Just enough to be comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings. My top ‘table for one’ spots are: galleries or museums – especially the restaurant on floor 7 of the Tate modern, or old faithful ‘cafe and a book’.
  3. Welcome new people and experiences in to your life! Pretty self explanatory, but I used to live life expecting everyone to let me down, which left little room for awesome new friendships in my twenties. Now my mentality is ‘I’ll be open, loving and feel good about myself. I’ve got nothing to lose because I’m awesome’.

Fuck it I’ve got another bit of advice…

4. Give generously – not necessarily with your money, but with your time, skills, cooking, conversation…whatever you’ve got to give. You may get a new perspective on a topic, and you’ll certainly get a buzz out of sharing part of yourself with others. The key here being not to expect anything in return! Just go for joy!

Final bit, then I’ll stop preaching..

5. Get a hobby – something that’s just for you. Physical stuff like salsa or yoga are my bag, but it could be anything from joining a local running group or book club, to your local WI (there are some seriously cool ones about where you get to eat chocolate, watch films and talk about literature).

Moving time shoreditch truman brewery

Seriously though Shoreditch. It’s been swell.



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