NYT Newspaper Archives: Digital Versus the Physical

21 May

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing” this short  but captivating insight in to The New York Times‘ clippings library leaves you feeling a little melancholy and extremely nostalgic.

The Lively Morgue – The NYT Paper Archives

The mini-documentary depicts the Goliath-sized problem baring down on The NYT and its extensive archiving system, cost. As stated in the video – ‘chasms of space in the heart of Manhattan are expensive to hold and easy to fill.’

Nicknamed The Morgue by staff – who say it is the physical place ‘where stories go to die’ – has ironically found a home for itself on Tumblr.

The blog feed of Lively Morgue invites us to look at an endless feed of past triumphs & failures, histories and faces both famous and unknown.

Morgue Attendant – The NYT Newspaper Archives

A silver lining to this sad situation is that the archives are ultimately still used by staff at The NYT to refer back to pictures, facts and previous features. Although, as expected, the vaults are disturbed less and less by young members of staff.

Take a look for yourself:


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