Interiors: Love of Beauty is Taste, Creation is Art

7 Mar

Hoorah, after 21 years of life I finally have a room that I can swing a cat in – and more creative freedom than you can shake a stick at.

Work began on December 05, 2011 – a freezing unrelenting winter, and finished in mid-January when London days became longer and there began a faint promise that Summer might be glancing down from a distance, waging her warm sweet smile.

The thought behind my room is a beautiful clash between strength and fragility. The BHS ‘world craft’ collection lampshade is bold but intricate. A striking structure of black-stained canes – which create such a soft, organic picture when the light shines through it. Stretching long hair-like strands of light all around the ceiling.

The colour scheme is equally soft and strong; the key colour being grey – with the dominant colour being ‘French grey‘ (Dulux silk) which transports you to a southern French wooden shuttered chateau, complimented by a feature wall dowsed in ‘urban obsession‘ (Dulux matt) – a deeper more industrial shade of grey. The real impact is carried in the fact that the feature wall itself is the very peak of our chimney breast, perfectly angular and masculine.

Within the nook of the chimney breast I’ve compacted my entire book collection (coded by colour of course) slotted this way and that way with a sort of organised chaos.

Some other details and accents I decided needed to be pungent popping colours and textures, a bright pillar-box red felt flower petal cushion, with loops instead of tongue-like petal leaves. Plus tonnes and tonnes of pink silk and plastic Peony flowers dotted in tote bags hanging from the door, and old glass cookie jars.

My favourite feature out of the lot though, is my country kitchen picnic table (Ikea, Norden) which I use as my desk. Painted in a wipeable white coat, it consists of 6 skinny drawers, perfect for keeping candles, socks, sewing needles and thread – or any bits and bobs you can think of. The clever part is that you can fold the sucker away and it takes up the least amount of space possible.

Here are some snaps from around my attic chambre, including a rain splattered viewpoint from the window:


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