Early Learning Centre: Rorschach Psychological Assessment Art

11 Nov

Inspiration: For weeks upon end I kept visualising creating some kind of art with paint, repitition and some element of fading.

Like most other unreasonable women the name of a product is a major factor in the buying process. A prime example of this is make-up, and brands like Topshop make-up and Barry M cosmetics have got this art down to a ‘T’.

Another influence to this piece were the pictures used in psychological assessments – which I have since found out (thank-you Google) are named after Swiss psychologist Mr Hermann Rorschach; appropriately named ‘the Rorscharch test’ or simply the inkblot test, designed to reveal the details of our subconscious (see below).

The Rorschach test

The names I gave each finger print stain are pretty self explanatory, but I just wonder what they say about me. Do let me know what you see through your own eyes in these ‘inkblots’.

Project: Whip up some simple paint, one part poster paint powder, the other simply water. Place on a flat surface (a plastic plate works well) dip your finger in and press down on five different points along in a line on some paper. Place pressure on different parts of your finger each time, then leave to dry and write down the first thing that comes to mind.

TOPTIPS: When choosing paints, keep in mind that bolder colours tend to be the best for inkblot tests, evoking passion and emotion the most.


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