Food Craft: The Invention of Bawbag Heart Pie

10 Nov

Last weekend the boyfriend and I bundled off to sleepy town of Naaarwich (Norwich) for a long overdue weekend visit to see some dear friends of ours.

The Sunday following the night out the boys were glued to the football while Deb and I were struck with an utterly genius idea. This happened to be the weekend of all hallows eve, so the two of us bundled off in search of a pumpkin to carve…The moral of this story was, snatch up a pumpkin before every other sod has thought of it first.

Little did we know that hope was just around the corner in the farming town of Bawburgh, a place full of charming canals and picture perfect pubs. By the roadside were huge great bundles of apples bagged up and on sale for a mere 50 pence.

After a night on the sauce neither of us fancied making pie pastry, so shop bought pastry it was we added dried and sweetened cherries, lemon zest and juice in with the blanched apples in to a heart shaped dish.

With the little pastry we had left to cover our humble pie Deb came up with the bright idea of styling up the top with a ‘Snow White’ style lattice effect. The outcome was an explosion of pastry strips, which looked edgy and delicious.

Final step was to dust with caster sugar and cinnamon, bung it in the oven for around 20 minutes then slice up and serve with custard or ice-cream, smiles all round.

[If you’re wondering why ‘Bawbag’ pie for a name, we must confess it’s a funny Scottish insult that we had been throwing about that day, plus it sounded a little like Bawburgh, no?]


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