Shedding Some Thoughts

11 Oct

I’ve felt a significant change in the air of late. The days seem to drag, it seems strange, unnatural even to be waking up to darkness each day. The summer sun has closed its shutters, while autumn’s claws claim the pavements.

In the political arena we are seeing much promise from mp’s of late. Just last week – the main party conferences came to a close, with new hopes and plans to be delivered pending their victory. For the most part audiences were shown old policies with the dust blown off, but still there is the illusion of new things.

Over the weekend lots of families the world over saw in the holiest few days of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur – a chance for growth and reflection. A chance to sit back and consider what it is exactly one wants to be remembered for.

The monumental event that stirred up all this contemplation was the clear out and demolition of our garden shed. Something that has existed since we had moved in to this house 13 years ago, in my mind it symbolises the acceptance of new things.

Here were some viewpoints from the day:


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