Seriously Bitchin’ Kodak Retinette – Plus Learn to Speak 50’s

7 Sep

Ok, so I have recently stumbled across quite a 1950’s gem…it’s only a stunning 35mm Kodak ‘Retinette’ wind-up camera.

What I like most about it however, was the price £5 leather bound case and all from a charity shop in Romford.

The 35mm ‘Retinette’ was a camera range made by Kodak AG in the late 40’s early 50’s in Germany, a more ‘cost effective’ version of the ‘Retina‘.

This particular version allows for a flash sync to be used when screwed in to the top, another unusual feature is the wind-up lever that is on the bottom.

It is very rare to find a winder at the bottom end of a camera, those dreaming up the shape and functionality must have been careful to craft a piece of machinery that was  a dream for the owner to use.

The slightly worn targeted view finder on this sweet 50’s Kodak Retinette transports you back to a hazy time, full of mid length skirts and brylcream.

It forces me to stop and wonder what sights were seen by this trusty handcrafted camera – perhaps cheerful picnics at the beach, days out and about looking at all London has to offer.

Perhaps she has even travelled overseas, breathed in the misty atmosphere of the Rue du Seine of Paris.

That’s the beauty of foraged items such as this, you can create any kind of tangible history you please.

You can so clearly tell the era that gave birth to this unique model of Kodak camera (1950’s) the steel finish and traces of art deco make it a real swell find.

So in honour of  50’s culture and style here are some seriously bitchin’ phrases I thought I’d and bring back.


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