Sniffing Out the Crafters at Glastonbury 2011 – Green Crafts Village

23 Aug

Music, drinking, nudity, tents, hippies, druggies, oh, and arts and crafts.

Where did I encounter all of these wonderful things and more?…At the annual Glastonbury festival on Worthy Farm, Somerset.

The area that I just couldn’t help but explore was of course the Green Crafts Village in the heart of the festival. Full of woodcarvers, jewellery makers and sculptors who used clay or even mud as their material.

Glastonbury Green Crafts Village – clay

One of the many wood carving stalls was Spinney Hollow – even the name conjures up images of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales like The Tinder Box or The Wood Nymph.

However Spinney Hollow couldn’t be any further from sinister. Kate from SH would describe it as; “a sustainable, low impact woodland specialising in traditional craft courses and outdoor art events.”

Traditional is certainly a word I would use to describe the vast array of crafting stalls that are championing historic British crafting techniques. They all seemed to bring the crafts in to a modern setting with innovative combinations of old and modern methods. One example of this was the use of hammering tools against everyday utensils like forks and spoons to craft bracelets and necklaces.

Glastonbury forks and spoons jewellery craft

One stall that went even further was Miss Katie Cupcake who was bang on-trend with her kitsch meets heritage inspired jewellery. A favourite item of mine was in fact by a friend of Katie’s ‘Paul’ who creates show stopping headbands with bright red patent cherries as big as your fist.

Miss Katie Cupcake stall helper at Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury is a festival that has changed dramatically over time, the very first festivals took place each summer from 1914 to 1925 in Somerset, simply a ‘series of cultural events’ that took place.

Glastonbury Green Crafts clay dinosaur

The seventies gave birth to the type of music festival that still exists today, however one distinct fact has changed – it is no longer a secret, and what once costed a pound is now closer to £200.

Despite all the changes, the fact remains that Glasto is a festival centred around community, good music, rock, pop, soul, funk, progressive, ambient, house, r&b, classical, acoustic and so many more. It’s all there to be enjoyed with a glass of country cider and your arm around a good friend – I’d recommend it to everyone.

Ella Darlington Glastonbury Helium Fields – Stone circle


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