The butterfly whisperer glass dome inspired by Sweet Paul

19 Jul

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a butterfly whisperer, from trips to London Zoo’s butterfly house to childhood books on butterflies and flower fairies.

The most common butterfly that most people will have seen the white ‘cabbage’ butterfly fluttering around in summer time, this particular species is named as such because it tends to lay its little eggs on cabbage plants.

I also adore the vast array of colours of all the different butterfly breeds, the vibrant colours on their wings are in fact tiny scales – so be extremely gentle if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

I began this project with my 21st birthday party in mind, I wanted a sophisticated summery piece that was simple but effective, and given it only took around 45mins to make I think it’s quite a success.

I took the idea from Sweet Paul‘s typepad (an Oslo born New Yorker photographer and foodie) but used an English made Staffordshire saucer (foraged from my trip to the abandoned pottery factory) and turned a vase upside down in place of a glass dome.

I popped in to my back garden to snap some twigs from our handsome looking cherry tree (complete with a D.I.Y swing) and with the aid of a glue gun secured the twig to the saucer and printed paper butterflies to the tiny branches.

This is a great little project that you can truly make your own, have a go and brighten up a table in your home.


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    […] The butterfly whisperer glass dome inspired by Sweet Paul […]

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