D.I.Y decor for my 21st birthday party

19 Jul

For my 21st birthday, I wanted nothing more than to simply invite over some family friends, and to add in a few homemade touches. So of course first and foremost the house was filled with flowers.

I wanted the decorations to say something about my tastes, and for there to be a proud theme of where I am from.

I enlisted the help of family members to cook up a Caribbean storm, my brother even volunteered to assist in the crafting at one point.

My mum managed to fashion some paper ‘21st’ droplets, with opaque and solid hearts in between.

I created a shipwrecked 21st garland that hung from a gilded mirror in the living room, complete with pom-poms.

Whilst out shopping for cups and party staples I came across some classic ‘Kilner’ jam jars, and thought that they would be perfect with some wild flowers resting inside them.

I finished off with a flat pom-pom mobile that formed a spiral shape, I used burnt orange and custard yellow yarn. I thought it looked like a cheerful cotton flower garden.


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