The rugby 7’s festival meets ‘Cupcakes and Co’ by Jools & Jacks

17 May

Cupcake dream-team ‘Jools and Jacks‘ from Cheshire, England recently set up a pop-up shop at a Rugby 7’s festival in Manchester.

The formidable Jools & Jacks of ‘Cupcakes and Co’

It was the last thing I was expecting to see whilst cruising the stalls at an event for one of the toughest contact sports known to man, but I was so impressed by their creativity and innovation that I had to stop for a closer look.

The two friends, originally from Macclesfield operate from home in Cheshire. “We’ve been going for about a year and a half now, while we used to produce around 100 cupcakes a day, our output is now around 500.

“We just love to play around with concepts.”

Cupcakes & Co by Jools and Jacks

The successful two-some have found a great home at farmers markets, and have even received great feedback when they sold their cutesy cupcakes in a hospital.

As you’d expect the team have capitalised on the massive shift towards ‘handmade weddings’: “While we create 7 or 8 tier celebratory cupcake stands, we also do an actual cake as well.

“We’ve found that the older crowd still like to see the couple cut the cake.”

I ask the ladies what the future holds for this brand: “We’re just going wherever it takes us, it’s just growing really organically, one day we want a shop another day we want loads of shops. It varies.”

‘What a treat!’ Cupcakes and Co by Jools and Jacks

What ‘Cupcakes and Co’ have in their favour is their amazing innovation in baking and presentation. I snapped up a mint Aero cupcake with light airy frosting, whilst the boyfriend opted for an Oreo number. (There was even a hidden surprise as you chomped your way through the sponge.)

You can get in touch with the team via their Facebook page or by calling: 07967 146703. Alternatively take a trip to some charming Cheshire markets where you’ll find the ladies flaunting their flair for cupcake craft.

Bit of Persil on that lads! (MR7’s)

A tense play (MR7’s)


2 Responses to “The rugby 7’s festival meets ‘Cupcakes and Co’ by Jools & Jacks”

  1. Jools January 3, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Hello x we love this article & really appreciate it,thankyou & we look forward to hearing from other cake lovers ! X


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