Beautiful spectrum fine line doodles

2 May

Dazzlin' Diamonds on the reverse

Isn’t it nice when the post isn’t all doom and gloom – this visual feast arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago from my friend who’s an illustrator.

Obviously I cannot take credit for this piece, but I have been meaning to deliver a post about the gorgeous fine line waves that covered and carressed the envelope…her penwomanship isn’t bad either. I think I have a slight obsession with beautiful handwriting.

Sara Keating

This style of repetitive line drawing is proving very popular at the moment, fineliner never exactly went away – it’s always been there in book illustrations, but illustration students are finding new and exciting ways to make the method more contemporary, just like this fine liner pin-up piece by Hannah Stouffer, and this gorgeous Sylvanian family-style cat illustration by Matthew Green.

Here are a few other innovative stationary pieces that have caught my eye recently:

Simple and cost effective, Ready Made blog‘s invites are perfect for birthdays or wedding invitations. The yellow sashes give it that design edge that make the piece trully chic.

This beautiful ‘Spring bird’ note piece by O-Check deisgn graphics feeds in to my passion for the simple but effective.

Suann Song of ‘SIMPLESONG‘ blog always gets it right, red and white work beautifully together, along with the old school layout.


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