Kate & Wills ‘Street Meet’ on 29th of April 2011

25 Apr

Rich Simmon's on the Southbank (I'm hoping they opt for these outfits)

Okay so the royal wedding is a matter of days away, and living in and around central London you can’t go anywhere without it being shoved down your throat. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em______.

So maybe the best thing for it is to down (university dissertation) tools and arrange a ‘Street Meet‘. Yes I realise this doesn’t sound like a ‘thing’ but it’s the best way around having a ‘street party‘ at such short notice.

All you need for a ‘Street Meet’ is happy people, home made (supermarket) food and drink, tables & table clothes and a bit of decoration (bunting obviously, what else?)

I think I was inspired by the cringingly watchable ‘Kate & Wills’ TV film shown on Channel 5 yesterday (Sunday 24th) it attacked my eyes as I was innocently channel flicking, and there it was, in it’s shining cheddar-filled glory – the actor’s have said ‘it was meant to be light hearted…it’s not ‘The Kings Speech.’ As you can imagine it looked like it had been shot by the staff at poundland, but love it or loathe it, it got people talking/tweeting and raised the royal weddings’ profile. Here’s the trailer for it.

Back to the ‘Street Meet‘ though, this brilliant website tells you all about the legalities and logistics of creating an event to mark the wedding. It claims that ‘it’s too late to arrange road closures’ and such at this point, but a neighbourhood outdoor gathering is ideal. Just be warned though, the Met office is using words like ‘chilly’ and ‘max of 16 degree’s’ so be prepared.

Whatever it is that you plan on doing, have a great bank holiday, spend it with loved one’s and enjoy a little bit of history in the making.

You can find loads of cheap decorations at your local poundland shop, just ‘ave a look here!


One Response to “Kate & Wills ‘Street Meet’ on 29th of April 2011”

  1. Bethany beach house rentals April 27, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Friday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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