The eighties are back: In Ark Music Factory Teen pop stars

23 Apr

Debbie Gibson circa 1987 - Youtube screen shot

After the March 2011 release of ‘Friday‘ by Jessica Black, 13 (of  Ark Music Factory label) reached 1,000,000 views it seems Justin Bieber,17, has opened the flood gates for the cheesy pop sensations to enter the music arena in their droves…and I like it!

All this sexing up of teens and young people today is such a shame, the fact that you can buy bikini’s for your babies and Bratz dolls that look like they would probably walk the streets if they were real people is a little scary. What happened to plain old Polly Pocket, or Sylvanian families?

With these singles that have been released (primarily on Youtube) the message within is cute and harmless – it’s either ‘I have a crush on you’ or ‘I want to go to a party’ and ‘let’s take [this relationship] easy.’ Just like Abby Victor’s ‘Crush on you’  (also an Ark Music Factory kid at 13) – a simple song and melody about teenage angst. So a big thumbs up to the American little-uns promoting innocence and having fun while you’re young.

Abby Victor circa now - 80's-esque single cover

One artist taking things in to the 21st century however is 10-year-old fashionista/dancer/artist Willow Smith, who stormed the charts with ‘whip my hair’ back in October 2010. It’s a smart record that even has my friends and I (20-years+) turning it up full-volume in the car.

Smart role-model Willow Smith

It’s great that so many young people are given the platform to show other youngsters that life at that age is all about being good, having fun, developing crushes and most of all being yourself. If young people don’t have these stars to look to, they’ll take inspiration from artists such as Rhianna, Tinie Tempah and Katy Perry – who are certainly not targetted at their age range. So shine on kid stars!

P.s. Expect to see some 80’s inspired colour popping headbands on BellaBunting soon!

Debbie Gibson - Breakfast club flashbacks


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