Let’s do it in public (Knitting)

1 Apr

I remember when I was a lot younger my Nan (or Nanny Greenpeace as she’s fondly known) taught my cousin’s and I to knit, and I wasn’t half bad!

Somewhere along the way the knowledge fell out of my head, and I made room for other things like; food, Vogue magazine and boys. However, thanks to a little inspiration from the boyfriend’s mum at the craft party I recently held (she kindly lent her knitting expertise) and of course the wonder that is Youtube, particularly the ‘Threadbanger‘ channel I have regained confidence with needles and yarn.

I even went as far as to bring my knitting on the train and ‘did it in public’. I would advise everyone to try this, you get a few weird looks but it’s such a rewarding pass-time. I was literally in Stoke one moment and at London Euston station the next.

I’ve chosen to use a cheerful custard yellow springy Merino wool as my weapon of choice, I might mix it up with a mossy green colour soon. That is certainly my top tip though, invest in some good quality yarn, you’ll thank me later when you’re not scratching off a layer of neck skin due to being a skin flint. Happy knitting!

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One Response to “Let’s do it in public (Knitting)”

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