Dutch fairytale family store: Hema

30 Mar

When my mum and dad journeyed to Amsterdam last year (2010) they managed to pick up some patterened plastic bunting from a family super market.

I have it trailed throughout my room, and it always lifts my mood when I wake-up to it. There are flashes of cherry red, fuschia pink, lime green and sunshine yellow. It’s smattered with gingham and ditsy flower prints, so basically it’s right up my street.

I did a little sniffing around to see where it was from, and I stumbled across the wonder that is ‘Hema‘. I really wish I’d popped in here when I was in Amserdam.

They take care of everything, from picnic food, to darling bicycles, to orienteering equipment for kids, they even sell clothes. I think it’s kind of like a Woolworth’s (R.I.P) or a Wilkinsons, but with a little Ikea magic.

Their gardening range is super-cute, personally I want the ‘Kweekkistje‘ or wooden plant tray. Also if I had a decent garden at the back of my student house I’d love some  ‘insectenpot‘ to contain and study insects I might come across.

I think we need a little sprinkle of Hema in England, it’s got a lovely self-sufficient vibe about it. It’s making me excited about summer and nature, and all the great memories you get to create at these times.

Check out their brochure here, or follow their homey updates on Twitter (they’re in Dutch, but the links are adorable.)


2 Responses to “Dutch fairytale family store: Hema”

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