Having a Crafty one: TWO FAIR HANDS Craft Party

26 Mar

Emma hard-crafting

The craft party that I hosted earlier this week should have been renamed ‘Night of the Creatives’, it was a wonderful coming together of modest university students – but each one with something special to offer!

In some people, it reawakened their passion for art and creating, in some it instilled confidence that there really was a creative bod inside them just crying to get out.

It was such a simple composition to make the party happen, all I needed was some cheap materials, a venue, lots of imagination and a fabulous motley crew to bring it all to life.

We made:

  • Bookworm bunting.
  • Mothers day photo jars (with knitted rings for the top.)
  • Happy mothers day – embroidered message frames.
  • Crochet doily bunting.

The wouldn’t have happened with a little help from my friends. My amazingly talented friend and illustrator Sara Keating designed the beautiful poster for the event. My passionate poetic pal Yvonne agreed to perform some spoken word for us; she revealed that she doesn’t ‘often get a chance to perform [her] material’, and may I say well done, and finally it took the talented culinary flair of a certain ‘bloke that bakes’ to provide the ideal crowd pleaser, moist yummy brownies. I do believe people were asking if he bakes in bulk.

Wonderful Underwood typewriter

I chose to add little accents to the evening, I brought along an old Underwood typewriter as a prop to signpost the comment and feedback book. Brightened and filled the room with a couple of gorgeous bunting garlands from Amsterdam; one was a patterened plastic garland and the other was a long line of paper triangles in assorted bright crayon-like colours.

A little improvisation

To keep everyone going – and brighten up the desks I bought an assortment of pick and mix sweets from the local market, sprinkling a handful in four cups and saucers.

Lovely second year crafty ladies

To provide a little background and education on craft, I enlisted the help of Etsy’s ‘Youtube’ channel, we watched ‘The Handmade’s Tale’ to open the party, and ended with a thought provoking piece on an American vintage motorbike mechanics’ dying trade.

Tasha & Megan's mothers day embroidery


The final Q & A to end the evening provided me with loads of ideas for the next Craft Party, all I will say is ‘spray paints & quilting’…stay tuned!

Here are some images taken throughout the evening:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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