Top 5 Tuesday: Memories of #TwoFairHands

22 Mar

Well, it’s the day after the first installment of craft parties, and what a success it was.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; saying that they loved the community vibe of it all, some said they enjoyed being involved in something that had nothing to do with University.

Another blog post all about how the craft party will be put up later in the week, however I thought I’d just upload my top 5 moments from the party overall:

First and foremost, let’s get to the most important component of the party…the brownies! They were utterly fabulous, as a giggly Rochelle illustrates here (baked by my very talented friend Mark.)

One particular moment throughout the night where I was utterly happy, was when the boys got stuck in to some sewing. Patrick (the boyfriend) macho-ed it up by sewing ‘MUFC’ in bold red cotton thread.

A lovely highlight was having Paula, (Patrick’s mum) in on the action! She lent her extensive knitting knowledge to some of my wonderful friends. Paula was absolutely in her element and said that she ‘loved teaching four people to knit.’

A fellow creative, and an amazing talent Yvonne performed some spoken word for us all. We were all so engrossed we forgot to take any pictures of her doing it, but I take my hat off to such a brave and intelligent young lady!

I was totally stressed out before the night kicked off, rushing around putting up last minute decorations. I even dragged two young men off the street to help take things upstairs to the boardroom, but at the end it was all worth it. My favourite memory of the whole night was sitting back and watching a room full of 26 creatives sewing, knitting, speaking, embroidering cutting and stapling their way to creating some beautifully handmade stuff.


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