Exclusive: Fun Q&A with Lucy of LucyBlaireCreations

17 Mar

Lucy in the sky with...leaves

I recently stumbled across the talented Mrs Lucy Blaire’s beautiful ‘Handmade wedding’ on Etsy’s blog. Which led me to her utterly adorable Etsy shop.

I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick her brain, and find out what makes her tick, and why she’s so damn talented!

What’s your creative background?

I’ve been making things my entire life, learning as I go, and picking up tips from other creatives I’ve met over the years. As far as formal training goes I graduated from the Art Institute Of Boston in 2005, went to night school for welding at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, and worked professionally as a seamstress for a few years before starting my own business.

Describe your personal style in three words.
I. LIKE. THAT. Haha! I have a very eclectic style and just seem to gravitate towards whatever I like on that particular day. The only thing it all seems to have in common is bright pops of warm colours. I tend never to pick out anything in the blue colour family. Not sure why.

You recently celebrated your wedding in the most wonderful handmade style, what were the influences and inspirations for the decor?
The influences were to start with, my love of warm colours and secondly, my love of autumn. I also really wanted a casual atmosphere, more like a backyard barbecue than a wedding.

Why do you think women have made a shift back to the ‘make-do-and-mend‘ and crafting mentality that existed in the 40’s?
I think all people seem to be shifting back to a more handmade make it work life just because we want to make our clothes and our living spaces what we’ve always dreamed them to be. Perhaps we don’t have enough money to have our “dream home” but with all the do it yourself tips out there you can get it pretty close! I also think that everything we consume is so mass-produced, which is fine in certain areas, that we want to craft things that are special and meaningful in a more individual way.

Is it easy to make money from crafting? Do you have any tips?
It’s extremely difficult. I’m sure running any business is difficult, but with something like crafting you can’t just hope to make all of your money from just one outlet. I wear a lot of hats in order to make a decent profit, from crafter, to designer, and freelance writer, and many more. It’s just a matter of being constantly in “work” mode and always thinking of more and more creative ways of getting your name out there and ways to make some money.

What has been your favourite project?

Unfortunately it’s a project I’m really not allowed to talk about because it’s still in progress! I’m working on a yearlong charity effort for the magazine Sew News that will be their 2012 Sew Your Support effort. It’s a great project craft wise, as well as a project that will make you feel good. Look for it next year!

What’s essential for any crafter to prosper?
An obsessive personality! It’s very important obviously to have the funds to do it, the supportive family or friends around you who will help you out if you have a huge order or something you can’t handle alone, but really, an obsessive personality. If you don’t have a real need to do this it will be hard for you to get up at 7am and work a full day, just like a “normal” job, with no one watching over you.

What idea’s do you have for future projects? What’s inspiring you?
Right now I’m being a little crazy about British royal history. It started a while ago when I read a book about Mary Queen of Scots and then it just grew from there, “Wait, whose that person?!” get another book, “I never heard of that guy!”, go out and get a new book… I’m also working on a book proposal right now for my own sewing book. Busy busy!

What three things are you never without day-to-day?
Other than my sewing supplies, which would be too obvious, I’m never without my cell phone, my Chapstick, and my Moleskin notebook.

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Thank you Lucy! I can’t wait to find out what that ‘top-secret project’ you’re working on looks like!

Check out Lucy’s totally original and adorable Etsy shop here! Her website is pretty impressive too!


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