Lace Sewing Jar

14 Mar

I’m useless when it comes to finding things that I need when I need them. So I put all my craft materials in to a craft box – however little knick-knacks that I need for sewing often get lost, solution – Sewing Jar!

I got the idea from some jam jar sewing kits from ‘Not on the High Street‘ dot com. However my version is a little more rough and ready, and comes with sultry lace!

Inspiration:, texture, foot pouffe’s, pickle jar’s, on-display, kitsch, homemade, Marie Nichols Lace jars, pin cushion ring from &made, 1960’s fabrics, mix-and-match and Abakhan’s fabric scrap bin.

Project: I washed out my sweet pickle jar from Sainsbury’s cut a length of black sultry lace to fit around the jar, I sewed the ends to make a cuff and slid it around the body of the jar. The pin cushion was relatively easy, I placed some scrunched up material to create the volume inside and folded sections of the 60’s candy stripe fabric over each other to create a perfectly circular arangement of pleats. Sewing in to place I attached a cutsie cuttion and pulled lines of thread tighly to create a puffy flower shape.
I attached the cushion to a circle of felt with thread, and glued the felt in place to the lid of the jar (a little P.V.A should suffice.)

TOP TIP: Try and arrange it so that all colours and fabrics used compliment each other, either go all muted and natural or garish and kitsch – mixing the two could be vomit inducing.


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