Birthday Boy Victorian bunting

9 Mar

I felt the need to inject some masculinity in to my next bunting project, and the boyfriend’s birthday was the perfect excuse. I’ll let you be the judge of whether I’ve been successful or not.

Inspiration: Birthdays, Graphic design, sans serif font, victorian earthy natural tones, masculinity, laser cut effect, Caps Lock, shamrock’s, Irish pride and layering.

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Project: I took thick sheets of brown wrapping paper (Sainbury’s stock this) and two equal lengths of cotton string. I cut out even sized rectangles (one for each character) and left a little space at the top of each letter to allow a flap to glue over the string.

I left all holes in each character untouched (it looked more edgy, and required less effort.) I created hooks at the top bars of the letter T’s, it reminded me of regal lettering or even a drawbridge.

To create the enclosing shamrocks I folded the brown paper twice and cut out a generous crescent shape and attached it to the bunting with a curved line of brown paper.

TOPTIP: Influence this bunting with material and shapes that inspire you, whatever the bunting is in celebration of, try to include shapes that reflect this; i.e. Love hearts, St. Patrick’s Day clovers, stars, an open book silhouette, martini glass/pint glass silhouette. Get creative!


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