Top 5 Tuesday: Commercial blog loves

22 Feb

Reluctantly I’m going to part with my top 5 blogs that I am guaranteed to visit at least once a day, if not once a week.

Definately a source for constant inspiration, Design Sponge brings before & after projects, guest editors, D.I.Y. ethic and general design innovation. My absolute favourite post was the ‘rose tinted glasses party’. It’s given me huge inspiration for my own birthday this year.

Annabel Ly’s Blushing Ambition blog is  constant visual feast. She mixes good food, with chic clean fashion – adopting a crisp European influence in her looks. Her tagline is ‘a 22-year-old student content with spending more money on food than clothes’ sums up her ethic quite nicely.

Ez from Creature comforts was kind enough to take part recently in an interview for BellaBunting. A fashion design graduate, this crafting mummy has a keen eye for style and colours that make you feel happy.

I’m an avid Twitter follower of Suann Song of ‘Simple Song‘ blog – the idea behind her blog is straight forward; ‘simplicity’. Everything the letterpress and stationary designer does is geared towards achieving clean lines, no frills, no fuss, no kitsch clutter.

I’ve saved the best for last; MissMoss is an American blog that acts similarly to a tumblr. The blog appears unfussy and straight forward, but beneath the surface it’s a gold mine for nostalgia enthusiasts. There’s also a lot of fashion, old images of friends, and a sense of history and heritage. It never fails to dissapoint, you’re guaranteed to find something of interest on here.


2 Responses to “Top 5 Tuesday: Commercial blog loves”

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