Snoopers Paradise: Brighton

21 Feb

Childrens Victorian Navy mask

Snoopers Paradise is an absolute wonder of a cemetary for antique and retro enthusiasts, my friend and I spent over two hours in this shop. There are loads of stalls with different themes and separate time periods, even if you’re not in to ‘thrifting’ or vintage stores – it’s a brilliant nostalgia trip, as soon as we entered the shop we were gushing over the Super Nintendo a real blast from our (not so long ago) past.

We also came across bird cages, hat stands, casettes, Star Trek memorabilia, 60’s lamps and even some art deco inspired pieces. There were some Gollywog pieces, like dolls, chairs, and figurines – but I suppose a look at the past isn’t always rose tinted.

The prices weren’t always easy on the wallet, so my advice would be to stick to emotive small pieces like postcards from loved one’s (I love noseying at classic English handwriting) little slides from holidays abroad, or jewellery pieces. Steer clear of the arguably overpriced vintage fashion collections.


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