Exclusive: Ez of Creature Comforts blog & Gifted mag

11 Feb

Holiday e-zine 'Gifted Magazine'

Ez (pronounced Ee-Zee) is the proud owner of Creature Comforts blog, and Gifted Magazine (you’ll find my customised button for it on my widgets) – this blogging mummy and free-spirit has been the source of lots of inspiration for me. Here’s our little interview where she reveals how she got to be so fabulous.

Where did you grow up?
It feels like I grew up almost everywhere. My mom is a nomadic spirit and because of this I moved more than 30 times before I turned 18. A few places I’ve called home are: Hawaii, Montana, California, and currently Oklahoma.

Talk me through your creative background? (Schools, jobs, inspiration.)
I was home-schooled on and off throughout my childhood. This gave me a lot of time to develop interests in subjects that I was passionate about (like art, photography, and crafting). Later on in life, I almost went to college for photography, but won a scholarship to The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in L.A. and changed my focus to fashion design. I was also a young mom at the time and 1.5 years into my schooling I realized that I needed to focus on parenting, and put my degree on the back burner. I think that I was always destined to be involved in a creative field, so blogging suits me perfectly.

What crafting tools have become your staples?
Well I am a huge fan of my paper punches (especially the starburst punch from Martha Stewart‘s line at Michael’s) and use them all the time. I also have a bit of a love affair with scissors and probably own at least a dozen or more pairs.

Gifted mag has one of the best layouts I’ve seen, who’s behind it? How was it born?
Thank you! The magazine was assembled wholly by me. It really was just a big experiment, and came about when I was trying to think of a new way to present a holiday gift guide for my readers. I have no experience with graphic design, magazine layouts, etc. and I’m sure there are things that could have been improved upon, but in the end I am really proud of how it all came together (I also have to give a shout-out to all the amazing contributors who created projects for Gifted – without them the magazine would have never happened).

In the park with my little brother - the light, the insect it all came together perfectly

What is your biggest passion out of everything that you do?
I guess that I most love taking photographs of the DIY projects I make as well as anything nature-related (especially flowers). If I could just take photos all day long, every day, I would probably pass out from the sheer joy of it all. This year I hope to improve my photography a lot and am finally taking a class to learn how to use my camera properly. I’m so excited!

What do you continue to draw new inspiration from?
This is kind of a cliché answer, but I am truly inspired by everything around me. I try to notice the tiny details that make everyday life extraordinary. There really is no limit to inspiration as long as you continue to look for it!

What is essential to the success of any crafter? (Support, funds, time management?)
Oh gosh! Well I am definitely not the world’s most organized person, and funds are always necessary, but above all else I’d say that the most essential thing is passion! Believe in what you do and success will follow!

What advice would you give small time crafters wanting to network and thrive in this huge industry?
Be friendly. Work tirelessly. Never give up.

Fleur de Sel Caramels - by Ez

What current trends in craft really make your eyes sparkle? (D.I.Y. weddings, paper craft – Rob Ryan/Su Blackwell, craft parties?)
I’m kind of in love with anything involving typography and watercolour these days. I’m also highly inspired by colour, and am currently most obsessed with anything in the coral-red spectrum.

You’re so well accomplished, what do you still hope to achieve?
Oh gosh, that is so kind. I guess I feel like there is so much left to accomplish. On my short list, I hope to continue to improve my photography, I’d really like to write a book or two, and there is a particular (top secret) project that I am hoping I will be able to make a reality someday soon. My list it rather endless really.

Make sure you check out Ez’s stunning holiday e-zine, also just one visit to her blog will have you addicted. Enjoy!

Clean & chic studio space


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