Zesty Union Jack cushion

2 Feb

Had an hour to spare, fancied another cushion to clutter up my bed (I currently have nine… On a single bed) Fun little project. I can’t stress the importance of pinning though – I started out with way too much faith in my free-hand stitching and ended up unpicking half a piece of felt.
On a wider note, Union Jack print, unlike 2010 may start to phase out a little in 2011, however there are a few retailers and such flying the flag, Emma Bridgewater (Pottery), high street (TOPSHOP, R.ISLAND) and interior designers (Jan Constantine.)

Inspiration:Heritage influenced design, eco-friendly colour-scheme, re-use/recycle/reinvent, canvas material & flash colours.

Project:Trim out a rectangle pillow template in canvas material, secure on the felt with your own trail of stitch styles, I mixed cross and running stitches. If I had spent for time on the cushion, I would have hemmed the felt on to the canvas – but it won’t see much ware-and-tare so I merely secured it on. I layered the felt strips on over the other – with this project I used a darning thread and a large Bodkin needle.

I secured the three loose edges of the cushion with a simple hemming stitch with exactly the same cherry red darning thread.

TOPTIP:Ensure to pin the felt strips in place just pull each one out as you go. If using a large needle, use a thimble (it may slow things down, but it’s worth it.) I’ve become used to stabbing through my fingers so I tend not to use one, but I would advise begginers to employ the use of a decent metal thimble.


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