Top 5: Crafty buys for Men

27 Jan

But craft’s for girls right?..Wrong! I’m often scowering the net for crafty pressies for the boyfriend, or my Dad or Brother, I even crafted my Dad’s Christmas present (which he loved.) So here’s a swipe of the cream in handmade presents. You could either hint at your significant other to treat you for Valentine’s day, or splash out on yourself – after all it’s cheaper than therapy!


Stag print from CrowBiz

  1. I love woodland creature prints like this inspired by masculinity and symmetry, you could even take your hand to a fine line pen and re-create the image yourself. Imagine how proud this would look on your desk, wall or nightstand all framed and refined. The text behind the image really makes it a visual feast.

    Orwell print 'Silence in the dark' from StandardDesigns

  2. I bought this Orwell print for my boyfriend at Christmas, as his novel 1984 was personal to us. There are lots of other prints of great literary men and women in this collection. I always think it’s nice to wake up to some inspirational words. The lovely artist Simon James even wrote a personal message on the reverse.

    Tea/Coffee Mug from

  3. I think this is actually my favourite piece, it means that whoever’s making you a brew knows exactly how you like it without having to yell at you from the kitchen. The kind people of ‘‘ even personalise it for you. The price is pretty unoffensive as well!

    Hand crafted pipe from ExoticTobaccoTools

  4. I’ll always remember my grandfather have a drag on his mahogany pipe out in the garden when I was younger, it’s great as a prop for photography, or a show piece in your bedroom – or perhaps if you’re a smoker you can even make use of it. Stunning Swedish-esque design, and hand crafted, with it’s own little stopper so your 1950’s Lucky Strike tobacco won’t make a mess.

    Antique printing blocks from

  5. Actually, I was lying before – these are my real favourite item. I actually bought some similar to these at an antique traders in Notting Hill – although they aren’t as stylised as these beauties! You could get inventive, and instead of spelling your name, you could just have your initials or an inspirational word like ‘success’. (However, with my modest student budget I’d try and keep it simple with as few letters as possible – i.e. ‘Bawse’, ‘Fly’, or ‘Gin’.)

2 Responses to “Top 5: Crafty buys for Men”

  1. Saalene January 27, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    I’m obsessed with mugs and these ones are amaaaaaazing! I may just have to get a whole family of em!

  2. Joe mcquoid January 27, 2011 at 3:17 am #

    Nice blog Ella. Emma needs to chill out with the sugar though.

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