Something out of nothing: Tissue paper

25 Jan

An impluse buy in the Tesco isles left me with a stack of tissue paper. I intended to prove to myself I could make at least two decent decorations with it, turns out I ended up making three.They are an international showcase of Mexican, Indian and English influences.

Papel Picado

Te amo mucho!

Ay Mujeres y Muchachos!

Ay Mujeres y Muchachos!

Papel Picado

Papel Picado, is a traditional Mexican paper craft decoration (meaning; perforated paper.) They appear at weddings, birthdays and even on the day of the dead. They’re becoming increasingly popular with the vintage DIY wedding crowd – especially in the States. They’re awfully hard to make if you don’t have a laser cutter at your disposal (as I don’t) so perhaps use card, paper or thin sheets of wood if you prefer.

Indian honeysuckle garlands

Cheap & cheerful

The Indian inspired folded and threaded honeysuckle garlands were the quickest and easiest to make, the pollen tassels were an extra touch to make them look floral (strands of yellow yarn.)

Roses or Peonies - you decide

English rose garden

Finally, the English inspired layerd flower bombs were my favourite to make, they make me feel so happy when I wake up and see them, I think I might just make a few more, with these you fold lots of paper in to fan shapes, tie at the middle and pull out the petals as desired. Happy crafting!


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