Canvas Songbird brooch

19 Jan

Cross stitch to secure wing

After falling in love with a whole host of customised Twitter buttons from fellow craft and design blogs – I felt the desperate need to fashion my very own Spring inspired Songbird.
I did a little sketching and crafting finding the exact shape I wanted. My Mum then walked in and asked why I had made a messed up looking dolphin, (always there to put me in my place.)

Inspiration:Custom/illustrated Twitter buttons, photoshop ‘drawing a flaming bird’ tutorial, material birds, seasons, birdwatching, birds at Emma Bridgewater and patchwork.

Project:I sketched out a few minimalist bird shapes and trimmed out a similar bird from some canvas material (leaving 1mm for stitching) I wanted the bird to look simple and sweet and I continued with a running stitch all around the bird, stuffing it with a little synthetic padding. I added a couple of accents with a gingham wing sewn on with a few cross stitches, (cross stitch always looks like kisses and makes me smile) and a chewed up button for an eye. On reflection I replaced the originally black button eye for a cola cube coloured tatty brown one. (To use as a brooch, merely feed a pin through the back like you would with a paper poppy.)

Sketched and cut

Simple running stitch

Bit of Synthetic padding

TOPTIP:This bird is far from perfect (hence my mum’s comments) but it makes me happy, and reminds me Spring is here already, bye bye cold Winter and burst pipes. So my tip is to create your own in a likewise manner, the more character and tattier the better. Also if you dont favour the running stitch, try a hemming stitch for a closed neat edge (for this use a thicker yarn, or darning thread or the fabric will fold and crease.) Found this helpful tutorial on Youtube, fast-forward to about half-way through. She’s a bit of a talker!

Kept the reverse simple

Meep Meep


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