Exclusive: Etsy seller ‘Amongst lovely things’

11 Jan

J hard at work in her home studio

Hi J! It’s been crazy weather here in London, what about the states?
It’s also been very very cold here in Wyoming, 10 degrees has been our high and it gets down to 10 below zero.

So, where did you grow up?

I grew up in an area of southern California called the South Bay. It’s a cluster of sunny small towns on the shoreline south of Los Angeles. I grew up a Southern California beach girl with a French heart.

What’s your day-to-day life like?

I now live in Laramie, Wyoming, in the northwest of the US. The winters are very cold, it can sometimes get into the negative degrees. So, I spend a lot of time indoors with my littlest boy Liam, who is two. I go back and forth through the day playing with Liam and picking up my paintbrush or my scissors and glue.  I’ve become quite a domestic goddess in the last few years. Because of my crafty nature and having to be indoors I have taken an interest in cooking and baking, sewing and crochet, paper crafts and decorating like I’ve been possessed by the Martha Stewart demon. I’m also very involved with my business and keeping up my Etsy store.

Pottery Goddess

What inspired you to go in to the craft business?
Do you still have a day job?

I’ve painted all my life. I don’t feel right without my paintbrushes or something to draw with near me. I have had the desire most of my life to have a career in the arts. When I lived in Los Angeles I was a makeup artist for many years. The move to a small town from a huge city made an impact on how I would go about doing what I love. My husband’s grandmother, in her eighties now, paints fine china, porcelain, and her work is incredible. I decided that that was what I wanted to do as well. So, I got a kiln, set up a studio and began my adventure with painting ceramics and my business Amongst Lovely Things. I don’t have a job outside of motherhood, wifery and crafting.

Describe your signature style in three words.

Sweet, imaginative, unique.

Inspired by nature

What are the best and worst things about what you do?

The best thing about what I do is the feeling that it gives me. I feel fulfilled when I’m making something. Its like I’m contributing to the world and to time itself by leaving something that was created from my imagination and my hands. I like the idea of someone feeling the same love that I felt while creating a piece as they are looking at it or holding it. Like tasting the love in a nice homemade meal.

The worst thing about what I do is not having enough time in the day. I have way too many ideas and projects that I can’t find time for.

Any crafty tips you’ve picked up along the way?

The best tip or advice anyone could give a fellow crafter would be to never quit. Always keep looking for new ideas, keep your mind open and watch what people are looking to buy. And the other would be try to use the best tools and supplies. You’ll always be happier with your results if you have the right tools for the job.

"Sweet, imaginative & unique."

What three things could you never be without?

That is the hardest question! I could never be without my family, because the love and support of family is 90% of every crafter’s business.  The next would be my computer, its essential to business. And the last would be paper and pencil, where all of my ideas go first. There would be no Da Vinci or Shakespeare without simple paper and pencil.

What projects or new styles are you working on for 2011?

I’m expanding Amongst Lovely Things. I’m so excited about creating decor for the home that reflects my style. A combination of antique and distressed, French, gypsy, farmhouse and cottage chic. I’m diving into making placemats, napkins, chair covers, pillows, and bed linens. All with special touches like antique French lace trims and old buttons. I also want to include antique silver plate and vintage glass to the Etsy shop to complete the table setting and decorating theme to my shop. All made to coordinate with my hand painted tableware. Wedding goods are also a huge part of my work list.

You can check out J’s beautiful creations on her Etsy page. I’ve got my eye on the gorgeous napkins and anything with a sparrow on it.

swirling vines

Swirling vines

"I live in a town called Laramie."


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