3D antique Bibliophilia letter

9 Jan

Bib·li·o·phile [bib-lee-uh-fahyl, -fil]–noun a person who loves or collects books, esp. as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.

Living amongst the books

I can finally post this piece, it was a christmas present for Daddy – and he’s proud as punch of it. Before he unravelled the paper I said “No one else is the world has this” – and it’s true. That’s the ultimate joy that comes with crafting and making, you know that you’ve added your own accents and colours and textures and general flair in to your project.

Picture hook

Inspiration:Wisdom, antique browning book pages, French duck egg blue, bibliophilia, sitting for hours with a good book, love, 3D font and texture.

Hearts and words

Project: Just like my previous 3D letter project I bought the product in a craft shop for £2.99 – (made from brown card.) These 3D letters are becoming increasingly common in craft shops, but shop around to make sure you don’t get ripped off. I wouldn’t pay more that £3-4 for one. For this I used a wall paint sample and mixed in a little P.V.A. glue to ensure the paint sat on the brown paper, rather than appearing watery. I covered the front and back faces of the letter ‘D’ with the lighter ‘Duck egg blue’ and the outer and inside surface area’s with the deeper mountain rain – creating an idea of light and dark.

I then repeated this coat a second time after it had dried, so that the letter was seamless. I then mixed up a two-part water, one-part pva solution and cut strips of text to place along the spine, and cut out hearts, raindrops and scraps of paper all around the inside. To me it looks like you’re peering inside someone’s head, seeing all their thoughts and messy unformed ideas.

Inspiring words down the spine

PVA drying on the text

Paint creates light & dark

Drying nicely

TOPTIP:Dry by hanging up with a length of string, against a notice board (not against your beloved naked wall.) Instead of antique book pages, you can print off some songsheets (or use old one’s you don’t need) the bass. treble cleff and semi-quavers will look even more effective than printed text. I added on a picture hook at the back  using a glue gun, so it can be hung on the wall if needs be.


3 Responses to “3D antique Bibliophilia letter”

  1. Penny Stocks To Watch January 25, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    Absolutely pent articles , Really enjoyed looking at .

  2. Kieran January 9, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Love it Ella – very original and inspiring 🙂 x


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