Things that make me happy

5 Jan

One small aspect of life that never fails to make me happy is when I come across a product with a particularly individual name. Whether it’s a nail varnish, or a new style of furniture at Ikea –  products carry personality and it makes me grin when the product name is something personal or is so cute I want to buy it for the name alone.

Here are a few recent favourites:

  • A colour I can’t seem to get enough of recently is cranberry, I’ve bought a dress, nail varnish and lipstick in the

    Red red wine pic:Iheartcosmetics

    same colour and now I’ve found a fruity models own nail paint called Red red wine, I hope after the UB40 classic. Love it!

  • I’m making it a point in 2011 to grow some potted plants instead of buying so many flowers with limited life spans. How delighted was I when Ikea presented me with ‘Schlumbergera. It’s actually a Brazilian cactus – but I’m glad that Ikea bought it to my attention.

    Silent passageway pic:Modcloth

  • A website that I’m known to spend hours gushing over is modcloth I recently found a little number called ‘Silent passageway‘ – it makes me think you’d need to wear it in the heat of the night in New York City attending a 1920’s theme soiree.
  • Etsy truly never gets old – and their online craft, vintage and art community is only getting bigger. One product range that caught my eye was Amongst Lovely Things; I loved  ‘swirling vines‘, and ‘Marvelous garden, personalised mug and saucer sets with banners and sparrows. Adorable!

    Marvelous garden pic:Laramie

swirling vines Pic:Laramie


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