French trinket drawer

25 Dec

My need for storage space is greater than ever at the moment – but I’m not exactly one for platic Ikea containers, plus it’s the perfect space to keep all your little Christmas present knick knacks in. I happened to pick up the drawer whilst at an old abandoned factory, and decided it would make a great project.

Drawer pre-sand & paint

Drawer post-sand

Inspiration:Duck egg blue, French antique furniture, wood grain, storage solutions, still life paintings.

Project:At each stage of transforming this tired old drawer I made sure I travelled with the grain. Before I started the project I ensured the wood was worth working on, it didn’t seem to have any wood worms or rot. Using some ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper I bought from my lovely local art shop, I sanded each surface of the drawer (travelling with the grain so I didn’t damage it) just once over, I didn’t want to takeoff too many layers. I then painted the outer shell with a deep ‘mountain rain’ sample sized paint pot, and followed by painting the insides with a ‘duck egg blue’, followed by the handle I waited overnight for the paint to dry, then repeated a second coat.

TOPTIP:Personally I didn’t bother with masking tape apart from the handle at the front of the drawer, and I am relatively pleased with the result. I may in the next few weeks distress the paint, to give it new personality. So stay tuned.

Trinkets and a little JD

Just one coat


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