Catkin winter wall hanging

16 Dec

Catkin hairs on my jeans

I’m not sure why but catkins remind me of the autumn/winter period just as much as pine cones, evergreen trees and pigs in blankets. I think it’s because they’re always scattered about the pathway and in nooks and crannies to let you know for sure winter is ahead.

I also found a fabulous modern interpretation of those cheesy ribbon curtains your nan used to have in the 1960’s.

Light & shadow

Inspiration:Butchers curtain, baby mobiles, yarn, odd numbers, winter on my walls, Golden brown by The Stranglers, Anish Kapoor and walks in the park.

Project:Just be careful because this project is pretty messy I ended up with catkin spikes everywhere, but it was all worth it. First of all cut five equal lengths of yarn around 26 inches long each (alternate colours work best) grab around 8 or 9 catkins per length of string and tie a knot around the centre of the catkin. Continue this tying method all the way down to the end of the yarn, then cut off any excess thread, tie a loop at the top of each yarn thread them on to a piece of string and knot each loop to secure in place.

TOPTIP:Tie bows at either end of the string, you can hang this piece up with cheap cup hooks, drawing pins, nails or blu-tac.

Beautiful yarns

Green yellow green

Suspended in air


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