Christmas & New Year sparkle

15 Dec

Jinny rainbow

Ok, so I’m a bit of a fashion and beauty magpie. Usually I would have gone about my usual sweep stake of a couple of floors in Topshop (Oxford street), but a pop-up glitter station named Jinny Rainbow manned by a fabulous Japanese woman breaks my focus.

“Would you like to see how it works” she asks (after a bombardment of questions from myself.) She does a freehand squiggle and spot on my wrist, then sprinkles liberal mounds of what I imagine fairy dust to look like – in three different shades of brown (Copper, Gold & Chocolate.) Then with a fan brush swipes away the excess glitter.

“Stays on for a week – look I did this one yesterday.” [In-tact]

Topshop stand

It’s been a massive hit with celebs – pretty young things like Lily Allen and Pixie Lott have been fans of the crystal jewels you can apply to the face or body.

Here’s Lily sporting some of the glitters back in 2009:

Freehand it, stencil it, – it’s a fabulous little Christmas staple or Summer festival splurge for boho magpie’s like myself, but for New Years it’s a must – Wild but pretty.

You can purchase the crystals and glitters on their website here.


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