Country bumpkin Christmas wreath

14 Dec

Pretty wreath

I’ve been waiting for ages to put this post up, but I think now is as good a time as any. For this I enlisted the help of a metal wire structure as my base. I foraged for flowers, berries and leaves in my local park – I did get a few strange looks and I had to be wary of park wardens, but it was all worth it in the end. I tried to get twigs that were very waxy to the touch so that they bended easily, if the twigs are too dry you are going to end up with a heap of broken branches.

Inspiration:The most festive time of year, bountiful berries, the robin red-breast, natural hop decoration, branches intertwined, Celtic circles, holly & berries, bright colours and a good old sing song.

Project:I bent my wire frame (around 24 inches in length) in to a neat and flat circle. Taking three branches at a time I tied one end on the metal frame and bent the length of the branch round and tied the other end (using a brown string to camouflage against the twigs) this completed half of the wreath, I then repeated this on the other side forming an ‘x’ shape where the branches ended at the top and bottom joins. I then wrapped round spare branches to bulk the frame up a little and give the wreath more texture.

Finally I added the berries, leaves and flowers I merely poked the stems in to gaps in the branches, and secured any loose bits with an extra wrapping of string. I trimmed any branches that poked out too far or decorations that were overbearing.

TOPTIP:Wear gardening gloves (or marigolds work just as well) when dealing with holly, or trimming plant life from the park/garden. If you’re like me colour excites you, choose decorations that draw your eye it’s all about customising.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy in a wreath from a shop ever again – this project was utterly rewarding.

Merry Christmas

Branches done

Wrap it up


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