Personalised Santa stockings

13 Dec
"Seasons Greetings"

"Seasons Greetings"

Our modest student budgets wouldn’t quite stretch to a weekend in Lapland – so we bought a little ‘Santa’s Grotto’ to our cold little house. We purchased a load of cheap Christmas stockings from Ebay and went to town.

Inspiration:Bold and beautiful font, Christmas cheer, children, 1950’s Christmas, personalising, Lapland, and Kirstie & Phil’s Perfect Christmas.

Project:For any Ebay virgin’s out there, fear not, I have been using online auctioning site ‘Ebay’ for around two years now and I’ve never had a mishap (touch wood) we ordered 6 Christmas stockings, and bought some cheap felt from a craft shop. You will also need sharp scissors and Pritt-stick (and presents of course.) Simply outline the font you prefer on the felt material with a felt tipped pen, either print off a template for the letter or freehand it yourself trim around the edge. Then a simple Pritt stick should suffice in sticking the two fabrics together. If your favourite felt colour is red, mount the letter on to a lighter coloured felt leaving about a 2mm border between the two layers.

I just had to share some of the cutest shots I found of Lapland, enjoy:

TOPTIP:Ensure the letter is the main focal point of the stocking, so make it around a hand span in size from the top and bottom of the stocking. I chose a bold black for my initial – I also think forest greens work well against the berry red Christmas stocking, but go with your instincts or favourite colours (the more personal the better.)

Tasha making

Tasha making

Faye making

Faye making

Megan making

Megan making


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