‘Merry Christmas’ Amaryllis headband

13 Dec
La Hermosa

La Hermosa

After the creation of the stunning Christmas stockings there was plenty felt of left over. It was between a ring or a headband – I thought the head piece would get lots more airtime. Plus chunky rings and gloves I’ve found don’t often mix.

Inspiration:Poinsettia, Mexican rose tattoo’s, bright passionate hue’s, fairy head garlands, romanticism, Amaryllis, and flower arranging.

Project:Taking a jagged rough circle shape of felt I cut a small slit and curled one corner until it made a conical shape. I sewed the crushed centre to look like a textured bud shape, and folded out the felt flower lips to enhance it’s appearance as a rose. Creating three of these, I ensured they were odd shapes and unlike each other in composition. I then took a length of mock leather turquoise cord and messily sewed on the bases of the flower cones bunching them up together. I then tied up the loose strap ends underneath my hair and coiffed up my do.

A flower in the hand

Messy thread

Messy thread

TOPTIP:Ensure you have an odd number of flowers, whether you choose to make three or five they’ll look much better if you avoid trying to make it symmetrical. This garland type headband works well with hair up in a hive or down and flowing with a small side fringe.


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